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W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 04/17 16:25:03z Reply Hello from wayyyy down in the Twin Cities over RF!{HT}
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 04/17 16:04:37z Reply Good morning from the Twin Cities!
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 04/11 17:37:02z Reply Work time!{HL}
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 04/05 12:32:00z Reply WJ0L room is down{CC337
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 03/28 02:25:59z Reply Test{ED6E3
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 03/27 18:04:51z Reply Test{19B8E
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 03/27 14:36:22z Reply N0ANC -@work{2B7D5
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 03/27 14:36:06z Reply Test{37EEC
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 03/12 16:24:40z Reply On the move this morning!
KF0MCP-5 WA0OTO-9 03/08 18:43:00z Reply Hello{B6D71
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 03/04 00:17:08z Reply Time for bed . Stuck at work till 2015{05257
N0ANC-5 WA0OTO-9 03/03 10:50:42z Reply Stay safe sir talk soon{D2971
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 02/21 19:10:02z Reply Nice day for a drive down I94. :)