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SMSGTE W4PWT-9 12/07 21:48:34z Reply @pt Test{M9258
SMSGTE W4PWT-9 12/07 21:47:54z Reply @pt Ok{M9257
W4PWT-9 SMSGTE 12/07 21:47:09z Send another @pt testing{85
SMSGTE W4PWT-9 12/07 21:44:24z Reply The number at. is invalid{E9256
W4PWT-9 SMSGTE 12/07 21:44:24z Send another @at. testing{84
SMSGTE W4PWT-9 12/07 21:00:54z Reply The number at. is invalid{E9250
W4PWT-9 SMSGTE 12/07 21:00:53z Send another @at. test{83
W4PWT-9 SMSGTE 12/07 21:00:24z Send another TEST{82
WXBOT W4PWT-9 12/07 20:32:02z Reply Elizabeth City NC. This Afternoon,Chance Showers 40% High 71{WD
W4PWT-9 WXBOT 12/07 20:31:54z Send another 27909{81
W4PWT-9 WXBOT 12/07 20:24:35z Send another {79
WXBOT W4PWT-9 12/07 20:18:05z Reply 2 Miles SE Camden NC. This Afternoon,Chance Showers 40% High 71{WC
W4PWT-9 WXBOT 12/07 20:18:00z Send another today{78
SMSGTE W4PWT-9 12/04 19:17:01z Reply The number me. is invalid{E8777
W4PWT-9 SMSGTE 12/04 19:17:00z Send another @me. test{69