W2JEL-10 messages

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W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/13 11:37:24z Send another Good morning from work{283E1
W2JEL-10 W4IPC-9 09/12 23:38:07z Send another Your late{EF970
W2JEL-10 W4IPC 09/12 23:36:24z Send another Your Late{124D7
W2JEL-10 K4APR-7 09/12 21:10:55z Send another I mixed the path up.{7A7B2
K4APR-7 W2JEL-10 09/12 21:09:19z Reply HI{1
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/12 21:08:30z Send another Thngs out ?{83C1C
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/12 15:37:11z Send another Just got them on my FTM 300 also.{682A5
K4APR W2JEL-10 09/12 12:26:55z Reply Yes, sir!{PF}
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/12 12:23:29z Send another It works !{6B6F9
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/12 12:08:27z Send another Good morning are going to the meeting tonight?{98FD5
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/08 14:53:36z Send another Good day to you sir{12627
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/03 23:49:43z Send another Test{C401C
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/03 20:23:14z Send another Testing{2CDC1
W2JEL-10 K4APR 09/03 20:23:11z Send another Hope I'm doing this correctly{E13A6
W2JEL-10 K4APR-7 08/06 21:43:53z Send another Testing this W2JEL{9715D
W2JEL-10 K4APR-7 08/06 21:42:07z Send another This is John W2JEL{4FF30