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DB0LUH-1 W0MHR-2 05/18 17:10:28z Reply rej0j}
W0MHR-2 BLN 0 05/18 17:10:28z Send another Test bulletin{0j}
N0OQA W0MHR-2 04/16 14:54:59z Reply rej0
DB0LUH-1 W0MHR-2 04/16 14:54:44z Reply rej0i}
W0MHR-2 BLN0 04/16 14:54:44z Send another Taco Tuesday. I'm jussayin'.{0i}
W0MHR-2 K0LWC-5 04/06 21:06:04z Send another Wat u doin' way over there?{0h}
W0MHR-2 BLN 0 04/05 12:16:40z Send another Where are you going t
LB5ZH-9 W0MHR-2 04/05 12:16:30z Reply rej0g}
W0MHR-2 BLN 0 04/05 12:16:29z Send another Where are you going to view the eclipse on Monday?{0g}
W0MHR-2 KG0E-9 03/18 19:42:55z Send another Or a blast from the rear, anyway.{0h}26
KG0E-9 W0MHR-2 03/18 19:42:25z Reply ha thsts a bla
KG0E-9 W0MHR-2 03/18 19:42:09z Reply ha thsts a blast from the past{26
W0MHR-2 KG0E-9 03/18 19:30:59z Send another Make a run for the border!{0g}
KA0KMJ-5 W0MHR-2 03/18 18:50:55z Reply Hi boy{3
KA0KMJ-5 W0MHR-2 03/18 18:50:49z Reply 88888{2
KA0KMJ-5 W0MHR-2 03/18 18:50:34z Reply Hi{1