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W0MHR-1 BLN1 06/22 07:59:31z Send another MinnesltaHamRadio.com . Your s
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 06/21 03:19:29z Send another Safe travels home!
N0NQD-2 W0MHR-1 06/18 21:14:19z Reply Home safe and sound!!{05F1E
W0MHR-1 N0NQD-3 06/18 19:46:07z Send another dinged up.
W0MHR-1 N0NQD-3 06/18 19:46:07z Send another Get home before the storms hit around 5p-7p! Don't want the Tesla+
KF0AED-5 W0MHR-1 06/17 15:57:32z Reply Would u mind if u sent me your cell phone number via E-mail?{8D1F0
KF0AED-5 W0MHR-1 06/17 15:56:28z Reply Good morning, Matt. Hope you have a great day.{DD10E
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 06/17 15:07:46z Send another Good morning, Stephen. Drive safe out there today.
W0MHR-1 WF0B-9 06/15 16:16:49z Send another In the cities today I see!
N0NQD-3 W0MHR-1 06/13 18:45:07z Reply Yes I am!!{11
W0MHR-1 N0NQD-3 06/13 18:29:35z Send another You're in my hood!
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 06/13 14:13:51z Send another On the back roads this morning?!
W0MHR-1 BLN 06/13 13:29:08z Send another ss+{ C k #K{s6{k[7n6{+f{s3{k K{sk
W0MHR-1 BZ 06/13 12:32:04z Send another ضl[YouourforforK{s
K9GCP W0MHR-1 06/09 08:28:43z Reply AA:Not in shack. Will respond later.
W0MHR-1 BLN1 06/08 12:28:34z Send another MinneN0HOY-10>APN382,W0PZT-1,WIDE2* :!4503.79NS09309.32W#PHG7420/W2, MNn Arden Hills, MN www.winetwork.org
W0MHR-1 BLN1 06/08 08:58:12z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your surce for information
W0MHR-1 BLN1 06/07 21:57:57z Send another Min147.015MHz C100 +060Skywarn !SN!=
N0NQD-2 W0MHR-1 06/04 19:31:15z Reply Good afternoon Matt{3B3F3
W0MHR-1 N0NQD-3 06/04 19:24:52z Send another Good afternoon!
W0MHR-1 N0BVE-7 06/02 21:46:20z Send another I see you're in STP
W0MHR-1 W9RLL-9 06/02 19:54:54z Send another Good afternoon from MHR!
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 05/30 18:20:43z Send another Time for work!!!!
W0MHR-1 BLN1 05/29 11:54:24z Send another MinnesltaHamRadio.com . Your s??????bb`?`???@??`???@?????b@?????d@e?:BLN1 :MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your source for information
N9OVR W0MHR-1 05/26 21:47:19z Reply MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your source for information{84
W0MHR-1 KF0HIE-14 05/24 16:30:51z Send another Good morning from MHR!
W0MHR-1 BLN1 05/22 21:18:55z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com@. Your source for in
W0MHR-1 BLN1 05/21 11:48:21z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . YoEr source
W0MHR-1 N0BPI-7 05/13 14:23:54z Send another Sure - we're out here. :)
W0MHR-1 BLN1 05/09 19:59:50z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your source foKD0VJS>APK102,K0YTH-13,WIDE1,N0HOY-10*,WIDE2 ::W0MHR-1 :rej1
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 05/09 17:37:36z Reply I will C if hotel Wi-Fi works on hotspot{26
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 05/09 14:48:47z Reply Thanks. I can't make the DMR breakfast this week{25
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 05/09 14:46:48z Send another Safe travels!
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 05/09 14:24:08z Reply Going on a roadtrip 2 Sioux Falls{24
KE0QQD-9 W0MHR-1 05/03 14:01:45z Reply hello is this an automated message ?{16
KD0VJS W0MHR-1 05/02 20:55:41z Reply rej1
W0MHR-1 BLN1 05/02 20:55:12z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your source for information
W0MHR-1 KF7SOJ-5 05/02 18:13:43z Send another Good afternoon from MHR
W0MHR-1 KG0E-9 05/02 17:43:27z Send another No wonder I heard you on 444.425!
W0MHR-1 KG0E-9 05/02 17:42:43z Send another You're in the metro quite a bit lately.
N0NQD-3 W0MHR-1 05/01 19:38:50z Reply yes it is!{10
W0MHR-1 N0NQD-3 04/30 22:09:48z Send another Time to go home!
KG0E-9 W0MHR-1 04/30 19:16:48z Reply gotta dump old electronics{31
W0MHR-1 KG0E-9 04/30 19:10:19z Send another You're wayyyy out there in the burbs today!
W0MHR-1 KG0E-9 04/29 21:13:32z Send another PIZZZZAAAAAA
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/29 21:08:16z Send another Winner, winner, winner!
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/29 21:04:49z Reply K0LWC lol{23
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/29 21:01:49z Send another Guess who?
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/26 18:40:10z Reply Lone day of driving{22
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/26 18:27:45z Send another Another long day of work!
KF0AED-5 W0MHR-1 04/26 18:09:08z Reply I am leaving for Milaca, MN in a few can U see if I am still Tx loc{DE148
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/26 18:00:45z Reply Hello how are you 2day?{21
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/26 17:57:51z Send another Good afternoon, Stephen!
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 04/26 17:57:37z Send another Off to work!
KA0EZE-13 W0MHR-1 04/24 09:26:18z Reply received
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/22 15:25:26z Send another MinnesotaHamRa
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/22 07:55:42z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your o.
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/21 11:55:02z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your source for informati
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/21 09:54:46z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com. Your source for information
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/21 09:25:27z Send another Minn
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/20 10:55:27z Send another MinnesotaHam
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/20 10:54:54z Send another Minnesota
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/20 07:24:45z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Yor source for information
KA0EZE-13 W0MHR-1 04/20 01:56:18z Reply re
KG0E-9 W0MHR-1 04/19 17:31:10z Reply tono incomming{30
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/19 05:25:00z Send another MinneYour source for information
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/18 10:54:54z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your sour
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/18 01:24:10z Send another MinnesotaHamRadio.com . Your source foriinformation
W0MHR-1 N0VCE-9 04/17 18:00:42z Send another Good af
W0MHR-1 N0VCE-9 04/17 18:00:10z Send another Good afternoon from Minnesota Ham Radio!{HV}
W0MHR-1 K0UC-11 04/17 16:26:34z Send another Good morning from MHR!{HU}
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 04/17 16:25:03z Send another Hello from wayyyy down in the Twin Cities over RF!{HT}
W0MHR-1 WA0OTO-9 04/17 16:04:37z Send another Good morning from the Twin Cities!
W0MHR-1 AB0KT-9 04/17 11:41:41z Send another Good afternoon from MHR!{HO}
W0MHR-1 BLN1 04/16 18:22:45z Send another Minneso
W0MHR-1 KF0HAE-9 04/15 21:39:12z Send another Good afternoon from MHR!{HS}
KG0E-9 W0MHR-1 04/15 20:23:44z Reply but pizza T is right here{29
W0MHR-1 N0BVE-7 04/15 20:23:38z Send another Well hello there.{HR}
W0MHR-1 N0NQD-3 04/15 20:23:25z Send another Good afternoon!{HQ}
W0MHR-1 KG0E-9 04/15 20:23:16z Send another Tono's is the other direction!{HP}
W0MHR-1 KJ0NAS-1 04/15 17:34:58z Send another Good afternoon from MHR!{HN}