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SV2IPW-1 SV4ILY 07/02 19:20:57z Reply Hi there Giorgos....73s{1
PY2AYH-8 SV4ILY 06/09 12:30:43z Reply Tks! 73{4
SV4ILY PY2AYH-8 06/09 09:47:53z Send another Thank you for your answer. I wish you good health and have a good t{2
PY2AYH-8 SV4ILY 06/09 09:46:52z Reply 73, tks message! Alcemar Vendramini {3
PY2AYH-8 SV4ILY 06/09 09:45:57z Reply At this moment, contemplating the monasteries of Mount Athos.{2
PY2AYH-8 SV4ILY 06/09 09:44:56z Reply Good morning! I'm on vacation with my wife.{1
SV4ILY PY2AYH-8 06/09 09:36:52z Send another Good morning holidays ? 73 & test{1
SV4ILY SV2IPW 06/08 17:02:34z Send another 73{1
SV4ILY OK2ZAW-13 06/01 05:35:09z Send another 73 !{1