SV2JPO-9 messages

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SV2JPO-9 SSU9FP-7 08/08 10:06:01z Send another 73A
SV2JPO-9 SSU9FP-7 08/08 10:05:55z Send another 73{A
SV2JPO-9 SU9FP-7 08/08 09:59:07z Send another 73s!!!
SU9FP-7 SV2JPO-9 08/08 09:58:57z Reply TNX for info! Safe trip!{4
SV2JPO-9 SU9FP-7-- 08/08 09:58:00z Send another 10w9
SV2JPO-9 SU9FP-7-- 08/08 09:57:58z Send another 10w{9
SU9FP-7 SV2JPO-9 08/08 09:53:32z Reply What is your PWR on APRS?{3
SU9FP-7 SV2JPO-9 08/08 09:53:27z Reply You just passed HA8LLH on the highway :-){2
SU9FP-7 SV2JPO-9 08/05 10:07:02z Reply Welcome to Serbia! Filip YU1TTN / SU9FP{1