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N0KFB-10 KF0ILM 04/30 22:04:46z Send another Hello? At 4 am? 🙂{1
KF0ILM N0KFB-10 04/30 08:50:01z Reply hi{1
N0KFB-10 WJ7RAD 04/01 00:06:06z Send another I'm on a phone here also. Thanks and 73{3
WJ7RAD N0KFB-10 04/01 00:05:19z Reply phone for now, testing out an app for a radio I have my eye on{7
N0KFB-10 WJ7RAD 04/01 00:03:55z Send another Are you usibg RF, or a phone?{2
N0KFB-10 WJ7RAD 03/31 23:56:00z Send another Hello!{1