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WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/13 02:50:43z Reply West St. Paul MN. Winter Weather Advisory, Tonight,Cloudy Low 31{SC
N0ALE-7 WXBOT 12/13 02:50:37z Send another 55118 tonight{28
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 15:50:21z Reply N0ALE-5:Greetings from N0ALE-5 EN34kv
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 15:21:40z Reply DW1OTT-6:check in 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 15:17:46z Reply DX1CC-1:check in 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 14:52:48z Reply CT7AQH-1:Hello Kako.Nice to meet u.Solid copy.IM58mx QRA:Miguel
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 14:14:39z Reply CT7AQH-1: HI Friends.CT7AQH-1 Miguel standing by.HV a nice Sunday.
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 13:05:19z Reply KC8OWL-5:have a great day everyone. 73 kc8owl via iOS
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 08:09:22z Reply KC1JFN-5:check in 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 07:04:54z Reply 9W2XDD-5:hi everyone happy nice day 73 from west malaysia OJ03QD
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 06:37:37z Reply DU6DKL-9:hello all
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 02:05:29z Reply DU8BRH-5:good day everyone
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 00:45:49z Reply KE2ACS-10:Good morning to the World! Mabuhay! Have a great weekend! 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 00:43:27z Reply TG5ALY-14:Check-in from Guatemala
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 00:36:37z Reply DU2XXR-7:happy sunday. tnx for the checkin. our dx1arm gmm this a.m.
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/11 00:02:25z Reply DY8CMM-5:hello fello check in from zamboanga city phil mabuhay and 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 23:47:40z Reply DV8VMI-5:hello everyone. Happy sunday. 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 22:33:42z Reply N0ALE-5:KN6OVN-7 greetings from N0ALE-5 EN34kv
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 22:31:56z Reply KN6OVN-7:hello all
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 22:14:08z Reply N0ALE-5:Morning DW8BRQ-9 from N0ALE-5 EN34kv
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 22:12:38z Reply DW8BRQ-9:Good Morning from Dipolog City 73 to All...
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 21:16:36z Reply N0ALE-5:Happy to meet you Angelo...reporting from West Saint Paul, MN
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 21:13:31z Reply DU2XXR-7:Hppy 2 have u here,James.My name is Angelo DU2XXR aka N2RAC
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:58:51z Reply N0ALE-5:73 from James TI3IES-9, N0ALE-5 EN34kv
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:56:04z Reply N0ALE-5:TI3IES-9 from N0ALE-5 EN34kv 73 from James
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:53:43z Reply TI3IES-9:TI3IES Costa Rica 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:47:00z Reply N0ALE-5:DU2XXR-7 from N0ALE-5 EN34kv
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:44:37z Reply N0ALE-5:N0ALE monitoring via TCP-IP
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:41:47z Reply TG5ALY-14:Greetings from Totonicapan Guatemala
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:33:31z Reply CT7AQH-1:RR Joseph,solid copy.Im new on APRS. Tks fer QSO.I will log u 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:30:36z Reply DU2XXR-7:I copy u Miguel both via the net & my igate as well.
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 20:14:25z Reply CT7AQH-1: Hi Hi.Is some one copying CT7AQH-1 Miguel on IM58mx?
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 19:44:17z Reply DU2XXR-7:Gd 2 mt u here James & Miguel. Angelo here, netmgr at pk04
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 19:10:26z Send another CQ N0ALE is monitoring{27
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 18:14:19z Reply CT7AQH-1:RRR Thank you fer QSO James.Take care.Hp to cuagn,73
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 18:11:37z Send another CQ fine business Miguel I will log as well take care 73 de N0ALE{26
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 18:10:38z Reply CT7AQH-1:W7TUE-6 do you copy CT7AQH-1 Miguel e IM58mx?
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 18:07:59z Reply CT7AQH-1:RRR James.Tks fer QSO,I will log in QRZ.COM,EQSL ES LOTW. 73
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 18:04:32z Reply QSP DU2XXR-7,CT7AQH-1,W7TUE-6,
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 18:03:53z Send another CQ location here is West Saint Paul Minnesota United States{25
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 17:58:38z Reply W7TUE-6:happy Saturday to all from Buckeye, AZ! 73. WINLINK address+
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 17:57:43z Reply CT7AQH-1:RRR James.Tu fer answer.QRA Miguel in Vila Franca de Xira. 73
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 17:49:08z Send another CQ CT7AQH from N0ALE good copy received{24
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 17:33:01z Send another CQ full copy good day de N0ALE EN34KV{23
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 17:30:00z Reply CT7AQH-1:hi James.Do you copy CT7AQH in IM58mx?
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 17:27:22z Reply QSP DU2XXR-7,CT7AQH-1,
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 17:27:04z Send another CQ im around de N0ALE{22
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 17:22:39z Reply CT7AQH-1:Hello dr friends.Some one fer a short QSO?
WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/10 17:14:53z Reply ntry Mix and Patchy Fog 20% High 34{JY
WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/10 17:14:48z Reply West St. Paul MN. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Slight Chance Wi{JX
N0ALE-7 SMSGTE 12/10 17:14:04z Send another @6518956599 Test{21
WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/10 17:13:47z Reply ntry Mix and Patchy Fog 20% High 34{JW
WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/10 17:13:42z Reply West St. Paul MN. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Slight Chance Wi{JV
SMSGTE N0ALE-7 12/10 17:13:35z Reply @6518956599 Test{M9700
WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/10 17:12:30z Reply ntry Mix and Patchy Fog 20% High 34{JU
WXBOT N0ALE-7 12/10 17:12:25z Reply West St. Paul MN. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Slight Chance Wi{JT
N0ALE-7 WXBOT 12/10 17:12:15z Send another 55118 today{20
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 17:01:32z Reply DU2XXR-7:GM & hpy Sunday. Exciting wkend as me have several club mtgs
N0ALE-7 WA0RA-7 12/10 16:22:33z Send another Hey Ron saw your message from the aprs net on Thursday 73 de N0ALE{19
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 16:04:59z Reply QSP
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 16:04:55z Reply UR also checked in! Stby for mesgs. Net resets 1600Z. aprsph.net
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 16:04:44z Send another CQ @K8JTT 73 from Twin Cities MN de N0ALE{18
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 15:58:57z Reply K8JTT-5:Hello from Brownstown, MI - 73 de K8JTT
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 15:57:56z Reply CQ[space]msg to join. LAST for msg log. Info: aprsph.net
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 15:57:51z Reply 2/2:W8BRQ-9,KE2ACS-10,YD6HTK,N0ALE-7,N4WGM-7,KP3A-7,KD4ADC,
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 15:56:09z Send another LIST{17
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 15:55:27z Send another CQ Have a great day everyone! 73 N0ALE{16
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:46:03z Reply KD4ADC:Hello APRSPH from KD4ADC EM74...
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:43:51z Reply 2/2:W8BRQ-9,KE2ACS-10,YD6HTK,N0ALE-7,N4WGM-7,KP3A-7,
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:43:45z Reply 1210 1/2:K8JTT-5,W7TUE-6,TI3IES-9,DU2XXR-7,DU6DKL,DW1IRF-4,YD7VME,D
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 14:43:37z Send another LIST{15
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:41:29z Reply KP3A-7:This is KP3A
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:39:36z Reply QSP today's checked-in stations. LIST to view recipients.
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 14:37:43z Send another CQ N0ALE grid EN34KV{14
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:35:10z Reply CQ[space]msg to join,LIST for net,LAST for log. More at aprsph.net.
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 14:35:00z Send another HELP{13
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:31:06z Reply CQ [space] msg to reply.LIST for recipients.LAST/LAST10 for history
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 14:31:02z Reply N4WGM-7:FM18XS Maryland
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/10 12:53:57z Reply Stdby for CQ msgs. Net renews @1600Z. aprsph.net for info.
N0ALE-7 APRSPH 12/10 12:53:48z Send another NET 73 from N0ALE{12
N0ALE-7 WI0O 12/10 12:47:29z Send another 73 from N0ALE{11
N0ALE-7 ANSRVR 12/10 12:44:28z Send another U HOTG{10
YC8RPJ-7 N0ALE-7 12/10 12:40:56z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday 73, de YC8RPJ
N0ALE-7 ANSRVR 12/10 12:39:17z Send another J HOTG{09
KC8OWL-5 N0ALE-7 12/09 01:37:17z Reply 73 from kc8owl via iOS app today{6390D
WA0RA-10 N0ALE-7 12/09 01:14:37z Reply N:HOTG Happy Holidays to you☺️{4
ANSRVR N0ALE-7 12/09 01:11:29z Reply N:HOTG Already Removed
ANSRVR N0ALE-7 12/09 01:10:56z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group
N0ALE-7 ANSRVR 12/09 01:09:58z Send another U HOTG{08
APRSPH N0ALE-7 12/09 01:07:35z Reply Tnx for checkin. Ur msg is also logged at https://aprsph.net
ANSRVR N0ALE-7 12/09 01:07:29z Reply N:HOTG 107 Messages Sent
N0ALE-7 KD2UTC-7 12/09 01:07:29z Send another N:HOTG Greetings all!
N0ALE-7 ANSRVR 12/09 01:06:13z Send another CQ HOTG Greetings all!{07
ANSRVR N0ALE-7 12/09 01:00:29z Reply N:HOTG Now Monitoring
ANSRVR N0ALE-7 12/09 00:59:10z Reply Group Name Required
N0ALE-7 ANSRVR 12/09 00:59:02z Send another J HOTG{06
N0ALE-7 ANSRVR 12/09 00:57:41z Send another JHOTG{05
N0ALE-7 AE0CX-1 12/04 23:21:09z Send another 73 from N0ALE{04
N0ALE-7 N4UCM 12/04 23:19:28z Send another 73 from N0ALE Twin Cities MN{03
N0ALE-7 N4UCM 12/04 21:46:14z Send another 73 from N0ALE Twin Cities MN{02