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KO4YEN-10 KO4YFE 07/16 15:42:16z Reply Deep nuts{3
KQ4NFI-9 KO4YFE 07/10 22:03:53z Reply yes you do{135
W4MBM-7 KO4YFE 07/07 19:11:11z Reply Thanks -watching YouTube vids now lol{3
W4MBM-7 KO4YFE 07/07 19:09:57z Reply G{2
KO4YFE W4MBM-7 07/07 19:09:19z Send another hey j sweet working good {27
W4MBM-7 KO4YFE 07/07 19:07:16z Reply Hey Robert - just a test using the droid app. Not connected to HT{1
KO4YEN KO4YFE 07/05 22:10:33z Reply Are you getting this??????????{2
KO4YEN KO4YFE 07/05 22:10:33z Reply Test{1
KO4YFE KQ4NFI-9 06/21 00:57:30z Send another yes i got it{TR}
KQ4NFI-9 KO4YFE 06/21 00:56:45z Reply do you get messages{134
KJ6YJR-10 KO4YFE 06/16 16:13:37z Reply He can't {4
KO4YFE KJ6YJR-10 06/16 16:13:23z Send another i think he said he was trying to send you a message{TQ}
KJ6YJR-10 KO4YFE 06/16 16:12:57z Reply It's constant entertainment {3
KJ6YJR-10 KO4YFE 06/16 16:11:43z Reply I'm just a dick!{2
KO4YFE KJ6YJR-10 06/16 16:10:58z Send another lol you ant right{TP}
KJ6YJR-10 KO4YFE 06/16 16:10:22z Reply Say hoe! This Steve is so much fun to fuck with {1
KO4YFE KJ6YJR-10 06/16 16:09:24z Send another wazzzz uppppp{TO}
KO4YFE KQ4NFI-9 06/16 15:53:31z Send another i think i need to hold a aprs class lol lol lol{TN}
WHO-IS KO4YFE 06/09 10:43:29z Reply T/DARRELL B SUTTON/VA/United States{UK}WJ
KO4YFE WHO-IS 06/09 10:43:28z Send another KF4HJW{WJ}