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KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/21 17:08:23z Reply howdy{38
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 04/21 16:20:23z Send another I had fun tnx{21
KG4WOJ-7 KN4ZXF-7 04/21 16:13:37z Send another I had fun tnx{20
KN4ZXF-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/21 15:27:17z Reply almost home here{29
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 04/21 15:25:23z Send another Howdy {18
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW-4 04/21 15:24:14z Send another Hello{19
KG4WOJ-7 KN4ZXF-7 04/21 15:23:34z Send another Hello{17
KN4ZXF-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/21 14:30:08z Reply heading home had fun!{27
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW-4 04/20 23:51:46z Send another Cool!{09
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 04/20 23:49:32z Send another LOL{08
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 23:47:14z Reply It's ashame we can't do this that we are doing right now{37
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW-4 04/20 23:44:23z Send another Hello{07
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 23:34:03z Reply It's ashame we can't do this that we are doing right now{35
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 23:27:12z Reply It's ashame we can't do this that we are doing right now{34
KG4WOJ-7 KN4ZXF-7 04/20 23:21:03z Send another getting ready 4 chow{06
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 04/20 23:19:26z Send another Howdy back at you{05
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 23:16:42z Reply Howdy Jim{33
KN4ZXF-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 23:12:35z Reply hello sir{25
KG4WOJ-7 KN4ZXF-7 04/20 23:11:49z Send another Hello{04
KN4ZXF-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 20:49:20z Reply test 65 cloudy{23
KG4WOJ-7 K4LBL-5 04/20 14:03:08z Send another Good morning{99
KN4ZXF-7 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 14:03:06z Reply test 65 cloudy{22
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 13:50:38z Reply Trying to set up a direct path up there{4CD6F
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-7 04/20 13:50:37z Reply Good morning{06A77
KG4WOJ-7 W4CAR-5 04/20 13:43:22z Send another Good morning{01