KG4WOJ-7 messages

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N1RCN KG4WOJ-7 09/17 00:01:46z Reply You are loud and clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
W7BAZ KG4WOJ-7 09/05 11:24:52z Reply Hello from EN73 {74
KG4WOJ-7 K4LBL-5 08/31 01:58:37z Send another got it{51
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW 08/31 01:57:12z Send another Got it!{50
KC4CAW KG4WOJ-7 08/31 01:54:59z Reply W4CAR
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW 08/31 01:52:11z Send another mom{49
KQ4ET-5 KG4WOJ-7 08/31 01:50:54z Reply rej48
KG4WOJ-7 KQ4ET-5 08/31 01:50:51z Send another are you there?{48
KG4WOJ-7 W7BAZ 08/31 01:49:01z Send another tnx 73 {47
KG4WOJ-1 KG4WOJ-7 08/22 20:02:49z Reply test tx and rx{84
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 04:02:24z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1 [UISS]{00
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:58:33z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1 [UISS]{03
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:58:18z Reply Hello... [UISS]{02
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:56:23z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS [UISS]{01
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:55:34z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS [UISS]{00
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:41:11z Reply Just another way to send [UISS]{02
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:35:09z Reply testing to the fullest [UISS]{01
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-7 08/22 03:33:02z Reply testing to the fullest [UISS]{00
KG4WOJ-1 KG4WOJ-7 08/21 21:01:49z Reply hi{83
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 08/21 17:03:33z Reply yesHello thru iss{93
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW-4 08/10 02:11:00z Send another are you up?{29
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 08/10 02:08:24z Send another are you up?{28
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-7 08/08 23:22:02z Reply testing{24
KG4WOJ-7 W4CAR-5 08/07 20:36:57z Send another keep time{27
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW-4 08/07 20:34:21z Send another Great! I am back to wrk{26
KC4CAW-4 KG4WOJ-7 08/07 20:27:52z Reply recieved!{07
KG4WOJ-7 KC4CAW-4 08/07 20:25:56z Send another using FT897 as digipeat. HT on low 1{25
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 08/07 20:12:53z Send another using FT897 as digipeat.{24
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 08/07 18:54:27z Send another at low pwr using FT897 as digipeat.{23
KG4WOJ-7 W4CAR-5 08/07 18:47:09z Send another good test{22
KG4WOJ-7 KG4WOJ-5 08/07 18:43:59z Send another test 123{21
KC4CAW-4 KG4WOJ-7 08/05 23:45:02z Reply Hi!{05
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 22:39:17z Reply How it the new ht working for you?{9E03E
KG4WOJ-7 W4CAR-5 08/04 21:58:31z Send another hello{06
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 20:01:38z Reply For one{7
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 19:17:26z Reply Hello {6
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 18:54:36z Reply Testing 123{5
KG4WOJ-7 KG4WOJ-9 08/04 02:45:53z Send another test 123 321 test complete .{03
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 02:40:51z Reply So, I think that the system works {4
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 02:37:46z Reply Test{3
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/04 02:36:07z Reply Hello {2
KC4CAW-4 KG4WOJ-7 08/03 22:20:38z Reply Hi!{04
KG4WOJ-9 KG4WOJ-7 08/03 15:38:40z Reply Hello {1