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KG4WOJ-1 W4CAR-5 09/10 10:50:51z Send another test{40
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/30 16:07:11z Reply sounds good, will have ht on me all day{79
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/27 22:35:57z Send another around 8 pm if it is still storming I will try HT into the repeater{39
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/27 22:34:15z Send another Hearing static crashes on 11 meters is not a good sign{38
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/27 22:33:03z Send another I was trying to play radio today but everything is against me. LOL{37
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/27 22:31:49z Send another I have another storm heading my way.I guess I am off the air again.{36
KG4WOJ-1 KA3OCS-1 08/27 17:02:20z Send another so if you got me what are your plans?{21
KG4WOJ-1 KA3OCS-1 08/27 17:00:20z Send another ping{20
KA3OCS-1 KG4WOJ-1 08/27 16:58:01z Reply got you {WD}
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-1 08/23 02:30:12z Reply It is coming to my phone. Have a good night and 73{58CCB
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/23 02:29:21z Send another I am shutting APRS down for tonight. 73 and good night{18
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-10 08/23 02:27:17z Send another the keyboard.{17
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-10 08/23 02:25:15z Send another I have been testing RF paths and I am surprise how many are not at{16
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-1 08/23 02:23:27z Reply Money spent{D330B
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-1 08/23 02:23:23z Reply Oh. Well good deal then lol. Glad to know it is working for the{A7FC4
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-10 08/23 02:22:46z Send another I think so{15
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-1 08/23 02:22:16z Reply Is that good?{416F3
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/23 02:21:56z Send another your digipeat shows up in a lot of paths{14
KG4WOJ-1 W3DRB-7 08/23 02:19:04z Send another are you still up?{13
KG4WOJ-1 KA3OCS-1 08/23 02:14:14z Send another Just testing RF paths. I am in Chesapeake, VA{12
KG4WOJ-1 KA3OCS-1 08/23 02:11:30z Send another hello{11
KG4WOJ-1 K4VBX 08/23 02:09:23z Send another Just checking if anyone is at the keyboard 73{10
KG4WOJ-1 K4VBX 08/23 02:07:21z Send another hello{09
KG4WOJ-1 KJ4MZ-7 08/23 02:03:57z Send another Just checking to see if we can communicate from Chesapeake{08
KG4WOJ-1 KJ4MZ-7 08/23 02:01:44z Send another hello{07
KG4WOJ-1 N4ACT 08/23 01:57:39z Send another I was just seeing if anyone was at the keyboard. 73{06
KG4WOJ-1 N4ACT 08/23 01:54:54z Send another hello{05
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/22 23:46:44z Send another I am going to eat and take care of chickens{04
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:46:24z Reply Sounds good. I will be using -7{CD2C5
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/22 23:44:43z Send another your path defaulted via your digipete{03
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:42:42z Send another excellent{02
KB4GM-4 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:41:43z Reply I had both.{2825E
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:41:01z Reply i have done that by mistake before{03
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:39:26z Send another the first was at 10 watts the last was 50 watts{01
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:38:47z Send another I am trying without a digi path{00
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:38:25z Reply yes sir{02
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:36:31z Send another ok can you hear me{99
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:33:34z Reply i am at my sisters place now{72
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-10 08/22 23:30:07z Send another testing{98
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-10 08/22 23:27:13z Send another hello{97
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:22:07z Send another are you still in your car{96
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:15:59z Send another ok how about 50 watts? did you get this{95
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:12:53z Send another test at 30 watts{94
KC4CAW KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:11:29z Reply Might need to borrow them
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:10:50z Send another I have a couple of magazines with info on pwr line noise{93
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:08:52z Send another what is beess in your beacon text??{92
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:08:46z Send another you just have to make double sure you have the right location{91
KC4CAW KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:07:33z Reply Ya I'm hoping. I'm gonna go back and record it for the guy.
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:06:44z Send another cool, as for the noise the pwr company will take care of it{90
KC4CAW KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:05:26z Reply Nothing much just sitting in the car messing with the radio.
KG4WOJ-1 KC4CAW 08/22 23:04:02z Send another whats up{89
KC4CAW KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:00:44z Reply Wow
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 22:07:47z Send another you are jogging at 0 knots{88
KG4WOJ-1 W3DRB-7 08/22 22:04:41z Send another I see you{87
K4LBL-10 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 20:30:51z Reply No aprs coverage on the beach{1AC5D
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/22 20:10:26z Send another I now have the FT991 for digital running APRS.{86
KG4WOJ-1 W4CAR-5 08/22 20:04:27z Send another hello{85
KG4WOJ-1 KG4WOJ-7 08/22 20:02:49z Send another test tx and rx{84
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 19:11:06z Reply working good, i am out in VB{70
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/22 19:10:04z Send another hello, Just testing FT817 with rigblaster [UISS]{00
KG4WOJ-1 W4CAR-5 08/22 18:59:52z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1 [UISS]{01
KG4WOJ-1 KG4WOJ-7 08/21 21:01:49z Send another hi{83
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 17:11:00z Reply should i move the antennas further apart?{67
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 02:17:16z Send another the band scope shows a sig just above 82 at 20 watts{82
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 02:15:13z Send another I just check my whip 2 meter antenna is just below my comet ant{81
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 02:11:26z Send another well I will do some testing here too and see if I can figure{79
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 02:08:46z Reply still working good, i need to figure out how to use both at one tim{66
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 02:05:51z Send another since you are rx my messages I reduce try to 2 only{78
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 02:02:43z Reply not sure whats going on{65
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 02:01:06z Send another wow that time I got the ack{77
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 02:00:28z Reply Yeah, all good{64
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 01:59:10z Send another ok are you rx my messages?{76
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:58:26z Reply when im at home i use k4lbl-5, wide 2-2{63
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 01:54:37z Send another add k4lbl-5 to your path{75
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:52:23z Send another k4lbl-5 and wide2-2 should be fine{74
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:51:29z Send another add your digipete to your path{73
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:51:06z Send another so I can hit -5 no problem with reply ack but not your HT{72
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:48:55z Reply i just use wide 1-1 and 2-2{62
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:48:04z Send another I am not getting anything back when I use -7{71
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 01:47:11z Send another hello{70
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 01:46:15z Send another change my path. I thing VA1-1 is obsolete{69
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:45:46z Reply is it working?{61
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 08/17 01:42:52z Send another hello{68
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:41:17z Send another APRS HT?{67
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:40:23z Reply i am on the ht now{60
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:31:28z Send another ok I am just testing things right now so I will be in and out{66
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:30:14z Reply the HT{JU}
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:30:05z Reply I am going to switch over to -7 so I can go sit on my porch with+{JT}
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:29:36z Reply I looked them up, no way I'm putting one in my house lol{JS}
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:28:54z Send another yes and I think there is a cheaper way other than cavity filters{65
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/17 01:26:44z Reply working good. I moved the radios but no avail{JR}
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/17 01:26:11z Send another hello{64
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/10 03:24:48z Reply dit dit{NO}
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/10 03:24:33z Reply 73{NN}
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/10 03:24:11z Send another thank you again 73{63
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/10 03:23:42z Reply sounds good, have a good night and thanks for qso{NM}
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/10 03:22:45z Send another well I need my sleep so I will talk with you later{62
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/10 03:21:08z Send another get it as in a second one.{61
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-5 08/10 03:21:05z Send another well maybe if I decide to get it I can sell you the FT 897 D{60
K4LBL-5 KG4WOJ-1 08/10 03:18:59z Reply Would still like to get one sometime for the SSB 2/70{NL}