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N1NEC-4 KG0KM-7 11/27 19:32:56z Reply hi{4
N1NEC-4 KG0KM-7 11/27 19:31:58z Reply hello{3
W7TUE-6 KG0KM-7 11/19 19:00:13z Reply HOPE THE FOX HUNT WAS GOOD. 73! {PN}
W7TUE-6 KG0KM-7 11/19 00:13:35z Reply By the way, I found an APRS check-in net. Happens every Thursday.{AJ}
W7TUE-6 KG0KM-7 11/19 00:11:52z Reply Hiya Rolf! 73's from Buckeye!{AI}
W7TUE-6 KG0KM-7 10/31 23:56:45z Reply Hiya Rolf! de W7TUE{AX}
W7TUE-6 KG0KM-7 10/29 16:10:53z Reply Good Morning Rolf-Safe travels to HAMFEST. 73!{ZC}
W7TUE-6 KG0KM-7 10/28 16:35:35z Reply Good Morning Rolf. Good hearing you on the net! 73{BJ}