KD0TLS-7 messages

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KD0TLS-7 QST 09/18 18:28:26z Send another Current Boulder, CO MUF 20 MHz, Critical freq 6.2 MHz
KD0TLS-7 AB0R-10 09/18 18:24:17z Send another Hi Dave. Heading out for a while but saw you out there.{DX}
KD0TLS-7 QST 09/04 23:00:45z Send another Current Michigan MUF 18 MHz
KA0RXU-1 KD0TLS-7 08/01 20:54:01z Reply I am monitoring the gmrs frea you gave me{5D324
KA0RXU-1 KD0TLS-7 08/01 01:57:03z Reply I will let you know tomorrow how the radio wrks{DC007
KA0RXU-1 KD0TLS-7 08/01 00:40:54z Reply Lot of wrk but gmrs antenna ready. Radio comes tomorrow{E04AD
KD0TLS-7 QST 07/31 15:47:05z Send another CURRENT MUF 30 MHZ
KD0TLS-7 QST 07/18 19:41:13z Send another CURRENT MUF 18 MHZ