KD0TLS-7 messages

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KD0TLS-7 MTLAKE 08/14 23:12:29z Send another Nice to see your gateway back in action! {UA}
KD0TLS-7 KC0NPA-12 07/17 01:03:16z Send another AA:Away right now, sorry
KC0NPA-12 KD0TLS-7 07/17 01:02:46z Reply weekend. It is setup on a 30ft mast.{GK}
KC0NPA-12 KD0TLS-7 07/17 01:02:45z Reply Thanks. This is a temporary node for the Habitat bike ride this+{GJ}
KD0TLS-7 KC0NPA-12 07/16 13:11:57z Send another Nice to see your new gateway in action!{BP}