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KD0TLS-7 QST 06/12 17:30:39z Send another Current Boulder CO MUF 17 MHz
KD0TLS-7 QST 06/12 14:48:22z Send another Current Boulder Co MUF 14 MHz
KD0TLS-7 K0GV-10 06/05 18:28:31z Send another Very nice to see your I-Gate back in action.
KA0RXU-1 KD0TLS-7 06/04 00:07:26z Reply So far it is holding{281A5
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/29 19:53:11z Send another
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/29 19:53:10z Send another Did you ever get that GMRS radio set up? {SR}
KA0RXU-1 KD0TLS-7 05/29 15:57:52z Reply Peogrammed the one you gave me in nothing so far{489C8
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/29 15:55:00z Send another That GMRS repeater in Fridley has some kind of link set up
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/15 22:51:17z Send another There's a new GMRS repeater in Fridley 462.725 141.3 tone {SM}
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/15 22:44:58z Send another 462.725 141.3 tone (*11-16:41:00){SL}
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/15 22:44:50z Send another 2021-05-1516:30:28> There's a new GMRS repeater in Fridley+{SK}
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 05/15 22:44:39z Send another 16:29:17 New Chat Between KD0TLS-7 and KA0RXU-1 on+{SJ}
KD0TLS-7 K1LEO-10 05/14 20:19:18z Send another Hi Lion. Your gateway is working great!
KA0RXU-1 KD0TLS-7 04/17 16:36:47z Reply Happy saturday i am not wrking on a nice day. Hooray{913E5
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:13:01z Reply Ok man take care 73{28
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:12:42z Send another Well, I'm doing laundry here. Should let you go. Nice chat{TS}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:11:29z Reply Oh ok so not too bad.{27
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:10:53z Send another Hmm. I think 145.825 Not so slight difference, I guess{TR}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:10:34z Send another now we need a sat gateway, besides the one in Circle Pines{TQ}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:10:07z Reply Cool so it's on 144.825?{26
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:09:04z Send another Yeah, just like regular APRS but on a slightly different freq{TP}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:08:29z Reply Oh ok got it. Well that is pretty easy then.{25
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:07:49z Send another simplex .825{TO}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:07:44z Send another Yeah, but Doppler's not that big of a deal on 2M. No offsets,+{TN}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:06:57z Reply Nice I might try it sometime. I'm assuming the standard offsets+{22
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:06:48z Reply Yep{24
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:06:38z Reply for the doppler effect still apply.{23
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:06:19z Send another It is cool to reach a digi 300 miles up in the sky{TM}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:05:54z Send another Yep. You can work the ISS digi with a HT, so it's more accessible{TL}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:05:21z Reply That's incredible they can work with so little power.{21
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:04:26z Send another Most sats are around 1/3 watt{TK}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:04:16z Reply Well hell that's all they need at the orbit they're on.{20
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:03:35z Send another But the ISS will always have the strongest signal - 5W{TJ}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:03:32z Send another More digipeater sats are going up this year, too.{TI}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:03:24z Send another increases. The ISS is helping with that, I guess{TH}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:03:23z Send another Once people figure out how to get on the air, their interest+{TG}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:02:41z Reply Well it's just another niche inside of a larger niche.{19
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:02:29z Send another It seems like more of a novelty, but that's kinda what we need.{TF}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:01:08z Reply Yeah I don't know.{18
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:01:07z Reply That would be awesome to have an uptick in activity.{17
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:01:05z Send another I wonder how useful sat APRS really is, though.{TE}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:00:58z Send another If the ISS digipeater creates more interest in APRS, that's great.{TD}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:00:34z Reply have proper protection.{13
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:00:31z Reply do it once.{16
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 18:00:31z Reply Me neither man so I spent the money and did it right. Do it right{15
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 18:00:23z Send another Smart. I don't want your gateway going down{TC}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:59:56z Reply Haha{14
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:59:49z Send another frequency.{TB}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:59:48z Send another People are just figuring out that sat APRS is on a different+{TA}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:59:48z Reply Yeah I haven't seen any issues with mine. I always make sure I+{12
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:59:39z Send another why i ask{SZ}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:59:27z Send another I've heard people had trouble with surges using that TNC. That's+{SY}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:59:08z Send another excited about trying it out.{SX}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:59:02z Send another ISS shut down its repeater, just the digipeater now. People are+{SW}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:58:45z Reply Yeah I believe so{11
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:58:43z Reply Yeah what's the deal with that? I noticed an uptick of activity+{10
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:58:43z Send another Do you have surge suppression on your TNC?{SV}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:58:42z Send another well and is something different.{SU}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:58:36z Send another The ISS digipeater is also generating a lot of attention. Working+{ST}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:58:24z Reply Oh yeah that's a decent modem. I have that for my FT-70DR{9
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:58:09z Send another modem. Slow, but it works.{SS}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:58:07z Send another A lot of people had success with that. I've just got the Mobilinkd+{SR}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:56:27z Reply Yep sure am{8
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:55:24z Send another You're running that Polish TNC, right?{SQ}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:54:26z Reply connection for everything. Now I have a breaker panel.{7
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:53:47z Reply Yeah that is weird. I also recently did a rewiring of the power{6
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:51:38z Send another around 10k digipeated packets, then it stopped. Weird.{SP}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:51:27z Send another It's tough. A lot of competition for numbers. Mine had a wave of+{SO}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:50:49z Reply Yeah it's doing ok but I'm trying to see if it can do better.{5
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:48:46z Send another Yeah, they come and go fast. Yours is doing well, I see.{SN}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:47:18z Reply Yeah I saw that too. Seems like a lot of new gateways recently.{4
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:45:38z Send another gateway in Cottage Grove{SM}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:45:35z Send another I'm just getting ready to launch into some projects. Noticed a new+{SL}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:44:52z Reply How about you?{3
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:44:42z Reply Good just hanging out at home{2
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:44:24z Send another Hi James. How's it going?{SK}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 04/10 17:42:53z Send another AA:Away right now, sorry
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 04/10 17:42:17z Reply Hello{1
KD0TLS-7 KA0RXU-1 04/10 17:22:17z Send another Hey Robert! See you've got the mobile working. FB {SI}
KD0TLS-7 QST 04/10 16:29:01z Send another BOULDER MUF CURRENTLY 15 MHZ