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WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 09/02 10:27:15z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{2160
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 09/01 10:09:19z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{2111
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/30 21:56:14z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1976
K4APR KB4GM-7 08/28 01:47:22z Reply Trying to encourage more to run APRS mobile, too.{HQ}
K4APR KB4GM-7 08/28 01:44:47z Reply Join us over at groups.io/tidewateraprs{HO}
K4APR KB4GM-7 08/28 01:40:51z Reply Haha! Can't blame you. Saw you had an FT3D.{HL}
K4APR KB4GM-7 08/28 01:38:49z Reply Not bad. Setting up a PiStar DMR node for a friend.{HK}
KB4GM-7 K4APR 08/28 01:38:25z Send another Hows it going?{05
K4APR KB4GM-7 08/28 01:37:01z Reply Good evening!{HJ}
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/27 16:51:52z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1740
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/26 14:53:39z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1678
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:51:16z Reply awesome thanks!{74
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/22 23:50:17z Send another yaesu E-DC-6{04
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:42:42z Reply excellent{02
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:41:01z Send another i have done that by mistake before{03
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:39:26z Reply the first was at 10 watts the last was 50 watts{01
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:38:47z Reply I am trying without a digi path{00
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-1 08/22 23:38:25z Send another yes sir{02
KB4GM-7 KC4CAW 08/22 23:37:39z Send another ?Beesss{01
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:36:31z Reply ok can you hear me{99
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 23:08:52z Reply what is beess in your beacon text??{92
KC4CAW KB4GM-7 08/22 23:04:45z Reply Beesss
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/22 23:03:34z Send another yaesu E-DC-6{98
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/22 22:49:31z Send another yaesu E-DC-6{97
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/22 22:44:03z Send another yaesu E-DC-6{96
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 22:07:47z Reply you are jogging at 0 knots{88
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/22 22:07:14z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1358
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/21 18:21:18z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{1222
W3DRB-7 KB4GM-7 08/21 17:04:12z Reply got it{23
KB4GM-7 KG4WOJ-7 08/21 17:03:33z Send another yesHello thru iss{93
KB4GM-7 KC4CAW-4 08/21 17:00:32z Send another Iss test message 8/21/2022{90
N1RCN KB4GM-7 08/20 17:54:51z Reply [AA] TNX for the contact!{85
KB4GM-7 N1RCN 08/20 17:54:48z Send another helloISS!{85
KB4GM-7 KB2M-2 08/20 16:17:02z Send another hello{79
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/19 13:13:46z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{887
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/15 21:25:53z Reply ill leave it for a while and see what happens{59
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-5 08/15 21:24:04z Send another just got this mesg on the ht{76
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/15 21:23:04z Send another pretty sure its a conditions issue{77
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/15 21:20:36z Reply i did a restart{58
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/15 21:19:06z Reply i put rg214 on the whole run, should perform better than before{57
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-5 08/15 21:13:07z Send another just got this mesg on the ht{75
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-5 08/15 21:02:49z Send another from the ht{74
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/15 21:01:43z Send another on the ht now also{73
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/15 20:41:25z Reply i put better coax on the jpole{54
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/15 20:36:21z Reply is this working?{53
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/12 21:39:09z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{398
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/10 10:27:27z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{207
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 08/10 02:08:24z Reply are you up?{28
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/10 00:10:45z Reply same. have a good one{43
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/10 00:10:27z Reply same. have a good one{42
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/10 00:09:29z Send another shutting down later dude{71
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/10 00:05:24z Send another indeed it is{70
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/10 00:03:40z Reply thats what im thinking. its working great now{41
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/10 00:01:45z Send another man every message is just popping off had to have been solar issues{69
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/09 23:58:26z Reply its fun. i keep taking screenshots of all the paths{40
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/09 23:56:09z Send another yeah i have been playing with aprs lately{68
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/09 23:53:30z Reply i havent touched HF in days trying to get this setup correctly{39
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/09 23:45:35z Send another very cool{67
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/09 23:43:38z Reply glad its finally working. Im a happy camper right now LOL{38
KB4GM-7 K4LBL-7 08/09 23:40:47z Send another my path is never through w4cas lol{66
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/09 23:38:29z Reply this is through w4car{37
K4LBL-5 KB4GM-7 08/09 22:56:55z Reply heard{BI}
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/09 19:00:58z Reply im in norfolk{33
KB4GM-7 SMSGTE 08/09 18:37:31z Send another @7576721787 test{65
K4LBL-7 KB4GM-7 08/08 23:18:51z Reply I'm wondering if this is working now{23
KB4GM-7 SMSGTE 08/07 22:03:28z Send another @7576721787 test{64
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 08/07 20:12:53z Reply using FT897 as digipeat.{24
KG4WOJ-7 KB4GM-7 08/07 18:54:27z Reply at low pwr using FT897 as digipeat.{23
KB4GM-7 SMSGTE 08/07 18:52:31z Send another @7576721787 test{57
KG4WOJ-1 KB4GM-7 08/07 17:09:39z Reply I see you{41
KB4GM-4 KB4GM-7 08/06 18:42:26z Reply Test{A5F81
KB4GM-4 KB4GM-7 08/06 18:34:04z Reply Another test{78496
KB4GM-4 KB4GM-7 08/06 18:28:25z Reply Test from phone to FT3D{93CCF
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/04 22:38:38z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{3607
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 08/03 10:24:06z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{3523
KG4WOJ-9 KB4GM-7 08/01 02:20:27z Reply Hello {1
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 07/26 21:57:34z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{2927
SMSGTE KB4GM-7 07/22 00:05:47z Reply @7576186985 Or will it be just for messages like SOS{M8884
SMSGTE KB4GM-7 07/22 00:04:58z Reply @7576186985 Can I test it back?{M8883
SMSGTE KB4GM-7 07/22 00:04:52z Reply @7576186985 Got it{M8882
SMSGTE KB4GM-7 07/22 00:03:41z Reply @7576186985 Ok{M8881
KB4GM-7 SMSGTE 07/22 00:00:04z Send another @7576186985 like this stramge number? save it under my contact{45
KB4GM-7 SMSGTE 07/21 23:54:29z Send another @7576721787 test{44
WXBOT KB4GM-7 07/21 22:09:58z Reply ook, Tonight,Severe Thunderstorms 50% Low 75{BS
WXBOT KB4GM-7 07/21 22:09:53z Reply 4 Miles ESE Chesapeake Municipal Airport VA. Hazardous Weather Outl{BR
WLNK-1 KB4GM-7 07/21 22:09:18z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{2251
WXBOT KB4GM-7 07/21 22:08:54z Reply Thunderstorms 50% Low 76{BQ
WXBOT KB4GM-7 07/21 22:08:49z Reply 2 Miles S Portsmouth VA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Severe{BP
KB4GM-7 WXBOT 07/21 22:08:41z Send another today{43