KB3VBC-7 messages

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N3PPD KB3VBC-7 09/20 15:57:42z Reply Haha, got it! Plenty of sausage coming up at the fest!{1
KB3VBC-7 N3PPD 09/20 15:56:31z Send another You big sausage!{25
SMSGTE-3 KB3VBC-7 09/20 15:24:57z Reply Roger! Will send via radio back{M7241
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE-3 09/20 15:09:34z Send another Useless test same sent to JG{24
SMSGTE-2 KB3VBC-7 09/20 15:07:04z Reply 10-4 good buddy!{M7240
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE-2 09/20 15:01:21z Send another Useless test{23
KB3VBC-7 N3PPD 08/20 02:38:48z Send another Ofest net{22
SMSGTE-2 KB3VBC-7 08/19 15:53:36z Reply Joxux!!!{M2836
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE-3 08/19 15:42:39z Send another King Plaid rox{21
SMSGTE-3 KB3VBC-7 08/19 15:42:30z Reply Load and clear! I'll have get my radio up and running and send bac{M2832
SMSGTE KB3VBC-7 08/19 15:35:58z Reply The SSID 1 is invalid{E2831
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE-1 08/19 15:34:25z Send another Msg me back{20
SMSGTE KB3VBC-7 08/19 15:34:18z Reply The SSID 1 is invalid{E2830
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE-2 08/19 15:25:05z Send another AWB rox{19
WXBOT KB3VBC-7 08/07 01:43:28z Reply ly clear. Seas around 2 ft.{UW
WXBOT KB3VBC-7 08/07 01:43:23z Reply 10NM ESE Currituck Beach Light MR. Tonight,S wind 10 to 12 kt. Most{UV
KB3VBC-7 WXBOT 08/07 01:43:16z Send another 36.325/-75.637{18
WXBOT KB3VBC-7 08/07 01:35:32z Reply KECG 070054Z 16004KT 10SM CLR 27/23 A3025 RMK AO2 SLP241 T02720228{UQ
KB3VBC-7 WXBOT 08/07 01:35:26z Send another KECG metar{17
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 23:11:32z Reply dy>{3704
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 23:11:26z Send another R1{16
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 23:11:20z Reply depletion of nutrients Fm:SMTP:john@jrmietus.com Msg:
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 23:09:01z Reply 1) 08/05/2022 23:05:59 depletion of nutrients 356 bytes{3702
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 23:07:07z Send another L{15
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 23:01:35z Send another W6HXF3{14
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 23:01:30z Reply Hello KB3VBC-7. Login valid for ~2 hours{3701
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 22:54:49z Reply Login [165]:{3700
SMSGTE KB3VBC-7 08/05 22:54:22z Reply @KB3VBC Second message{M901
SMSGTE KB3VBC-7 08/05 22:53:05z Reply @KB3VBC Return message{M900
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE-1 08/05 22:49:34z Send another Hi A{13
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 22:49:27z Send another L{12
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 11:29:18z Send another HGW5A4{11
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:28:07z Reply 08/05/2022 11:28:06 No messages{3630
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:23:35z Reply Hello KB3VBC-7. Login valid for ~2 hours{3628
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 11:20:04z Send another 3GW5A4{10
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE 08/05 11:19:54z Send another @KB3VBC? very well{08
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:18:51z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{3627
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:17:00z Reply Login [254]:{3626
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/05 11:16:59z Send another j{09
SMSGTE KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:15:57z Reply Message to KB3VBC delivered{C820
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE 08/05 11:15:01z Send another @KB3VBC test{07
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:07:40z Reply SP, SMS, L, R#, K#, Y#, F#, P, G, A, I, PR, B (? + cmd for more){3625
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE 08/05 11:04:15z Send another #mynumber add 3016483634{06
KB3VBC-7 SMSGTE 08/05 11:02:00z Send another @3016483634.gm{05
SMSGTE KB3VBC-7 08/05 11:00:25z Reply The number 3016483634 has been associated with this callsign.{C819
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/04 20:18:39z Reply Hello KB3VBC-7. Login valid for ~2 hours{3600
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/04 20:18:38z Send another 8W45!H{04
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/04 20:11:17z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{3596
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/04 20:11:17z Send another 8W15!H{03
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/04 20:08:34z Reply Login [432]:{3590
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/04 20:08:34z Send another 8{02
WLNK-1 KB3VBC-7 08/04 20:06:35z Reply SP, SMS, L, R#, K#, Y#, F#, P, G, A, I, PR, B (? + cmd for more){3587
KB3VBC-7 WLNK-1 08/04 20:06:35z Send another ?{01