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KB1KNW-8 K2BDE-7 04/28 23:48:46z Send another Hi. Yeah we're going to be here about another week.{2738E
KB1KNW-8 K2BDE-7 04/28 23:35:00z Send another We are anchored in Belhaven NC{959AD
KB1KNW-8 K2BDE-7 04/28 23:29:42z Send another Waiting for a marine alternator to be mailed out.{509E1
K2BDE-7 KB1KNW-8 04/28 23:29:05z Reply where r u ? 72 miles from me. i am in currituck nc{1
K2BDE-7 KB1KNW-8 04/28 23:23:52z Reply hello saw u on aprs {0
KB1KNW-8 KK4SOG-7 04/08 09:21:20z Send another Good Morning.{4C41E
KK4SOG-7 KB1KNW-8 04/08 01:10:07z Reply Good evening!{PN}