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K9GCC-7 K9GCC 02/27 06:00:29z Reply ?APRSP
K9GCC K9GCC-7 02/27 05:57:40z Send another You there?{1
K9GCC-7 K9GCC 02/27 05:22:52z Reply got it{1
K9GCC K9GCC-7 02/27 05:21:55z Send another Hey! This is just a test.{YP}
K9GCC-7 K9GCC 02/27 03:50:24z Reply tst{0
N9DRB-7 K9GCC 02/23 23:14:52z Reply Howdy!{1
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:45z Reply Active Groups Query Disabled{YV}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:44z Reply Also:YAESU(1) ZELLO(1){YU}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:43z Reply Also:SCOUTS(3) SKYWARN(3) TEXAS(1) UNICAM(3) WEATHER(2) WX(2)+{YT}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:41z Reply Also:JT65(3) LORAYO(1) MOWX(1) RVSU(2) SATELLITE(3) SCARSVOIP(3)+{YS}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:40z Reply Also:ECHOLINK(2) ECLIPSE(3) GOPHER(1) GP(1) IRELAND(3) JOTA(3)+{YR}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:39z Reply Also:APRS(1) APRSIS(2) APRSISCE32(2) APRSPH(1) ARISS(2)+{YQ}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:38z Reply YXC(1) test Own:JA2PIT-7{YP}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:36z Reply TTP(1) team ttp message group Own:KC8OWL-7{YO}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:34z Reply TEST(1) Nachrichten Own:DL1MC-9{YM}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:33z Reply SOTA(6) SUMMITS ON THE AIR Own:N7FMH-10{YL}AO
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:31z Reply SKYTEST(3) Test announcements for SKYWARN Own:N4LKZ{YK}AO
CQSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:30z Reply Active group: ANSRVR with 1 members{RH}AP
K9GCC CQSRVR 02/21 07:11:30z Send another ?{AP}
K9GCC ANSRVR 02/21 07:11:30z Send another ?{AO}YE
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:30z Reply SIEMENSHAM(3) Siemens Ham Radio Community Own:YO3FVR-7{YJ}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:29z Reply SACARES(1) Sacramento County ARES Own:NC6J-7{YI}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:27z Reply RV(1) cq cq cq Hello from Ke8egh Own:KE8EGH-1{YH}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:26z Reply RUSSIA(1) CQ RUSSIA Own:RN3FWD-C7{YG}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:25z Reply RPRNET(3) Robust Packet Network *HF-RPR-APRS Europe* Own:DF8LS-10{YF}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:24z Reply ROCKETS(6) for rocket launches Own:G6UIM{YE}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:23z Reply QRP(3) For low power operations and QSO Own:KF7RHB-1{YD}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:21z Reply PSAT(3) Discussions regarding PSAT Telemetry reports. Own:N5BRJ{YC}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:20z Reply PLANES(6) Plane flights with APRS Own:G6UIM{YB}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:19z Reply PAWA(1) test KC1RKX 59688 Own:KC1RKX-7{YA}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:18z Reply NCMO(1) NORTH MO HAMS Own:KB0RPJ-1{XZ}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:16z Reply MPDRU(1) test msg Own:UA1CDG-10{XY}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:11:15z Reply JS8CALL(2) Gateway? Own:5N8NDP{XX}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:09:43z Reply ISS(8) ISS APRS Sched Own:G6UIM{XW}XB
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:09:15z Reply Duplicate (retry?) request suppressed
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:58z Reply ISS(8) ISS APRS Sched Own:G6UIM{XW}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:57z Reply HTOG(1) GREETINGS from INDIA Own:VU2RCY-15{XV}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:55z Reply HRR(1) Just testing. FT5D Australia! Own:VK4JJY-7{XU}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:54z Reply HOTQ(1) kd2psc checking in from WNY Own:KD2PSC-9{XT}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:53z Reply Own:K7XYG-7{XS}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:52z Reply HOTG(7) +{XR}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:50z Reply HITF(1) Happy #APRSThursday from EM74wx Own:N1RBD-9{XQ}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:49z Reply HFMOBILE(6) HF Mobile Operations Own:KC2ANT{XP}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:48z Reply HAPPY(1) 73 Own:9W2WBP-9{XO}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:47z Reply FLYINGAPRS(3) About Airborne APRS Own:DF1CHB{XN}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:45z Reply DL(1) Germany APRS Talk Group Own:DL7PJ-5{XM}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:44z Reply CQ(3) CQ Calling Channel Own:KJ4ERJ-12{XL}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:43z Reply CIAO(1) come va ? Own:TU4BI{XK}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:42z Reply BALLOONS(3) aprs Own:KC1HHO-1{XJ}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:40z Reply BALLOON(7) HA Balloon alerts Own:G6UIM{XI}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:39z Reply AT(3) Golden Packet (East) Own:KJ4ERJ-AP{XH}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:38z Reply APRSYO(2) Grup APRS Romania Own:YO3FVR{XG}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:37z Reply Own:G6UIM{XF}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:36z Reply APRSSATS(3) use and schedules for ISS NO-44 FAST1 and FAST2+{XE}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:35z Reply APRSISCE(3) Notifications for APRSISCE Own:KJ4ERJ-12{XD}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:33z Reply Own:G6UIM{XC}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:32z Reply APRSISCAFE(6) Alerts related to the APRSIS32CAFE yahoo Group+{XB}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:31z Reply APRSIS32(7) Notifications for APRSIS32 Own:KJ4ERJ-12{XA}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:30z Reply APRSFLYING(3) About Airborne APRS Own:DF1CHB{WZ}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:27z Reply APRSCHILE(1) bln-nws-info Own:CA2JAT-10{WX}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:25z Reply ANYONE(3) know of any good groups Own:KC1HHO-1{WW}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:21z Reply ANSRVR(3) CQ ITM Hello Own:KG7IVO{WV}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:20z Reply AMSAT(4) info on aprs sattelites Own:KA9FON{WU}XF
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:08:18z Reply ALLSTAR(1) cq cq Hello from ke8egh Own:KE8EGH-1{WT}XF
K9GCC ANSRVR 02/21 07:08:18z Send another D{XF}WS
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:07:13z Reply Active Groups Query Disabled{WS}XD
CQSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:07:13z Reply Active group: ANSRVR with 1 members{RG}XE
K9GCC CQSRVR 02/21 07:07:13z Send another ?{XE}RF
K9GCC ANSRVR 02/21 07:07:13z Send another ?{XD}WR
ANSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:06:39z Reply No Memberships{WR}XB
CQSRVR K9GCC 02/21 07:06:39z Reply Not member of any group.{RF}XC
K9GCC CQSRVR 02/21 07:06:39z Send another L{XC}
K9GCC ANSRVR 02/21 07:06:39z Send another L{XB}
K9GCC-7 K9GCC 02/21 06:59:36z Reply Good, very good. That concludes my test. 73 😄{2
K9GCC K9GCC-7 02/21 06:58:59z Send another Oh just testing out sending a message to myself. Seems to work...{XA}
K9GCC K9GCC-7 02/21 06:56:15z Send another what is up?{WZ}
K9GCC K9GCC-7 02/21 06:55:41z Send another :ack1
K9GCC K9GCC-7 02/21 06:54:48z Send another :ack1
K9GCC-7 K9GCC 02/21 06:54:20z Reply Hey{1
K9GCC K9GCC 02/11 23:53:03z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
K9GCC K9GCC 02/11 23:53:03z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,10,-1280,0,1,0
K9GCC K9GCC 02/11 23:53:03z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,mA,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
K9GCC K9GCC 02/11 23:53:03z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,Current,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8