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KE4NPR-1 K4MJV-1 04/26 23:54:35z Reply Delayed 73s and have a great weekend{01
ANSRVR K4MJV-1 04/25 21:37:26z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{BS}
KJ5AJO-4 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:36:06z Reply N:HOTG Cheers from the Lonestar State
KL0T-8 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:27:58z Reply N:HOTG 73 de Loren in IL
SM6UNC-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:27:13z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Gothenburg
LB5ZJ-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:24:52z Reply N:HOTG hi from JO29
HK6LRQ-10 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:22:56z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday HK6LRQ Armenia Quindio .73
TA1AXY-10 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:17:12z Reply N:HOTG GREETINGS FROM TURKEY
WA5DXO-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:16:36z Reply N:HOTG AUSTIN TX
HK1I-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:14:59z Reply N:HOTG From Curramba Colombia
HK1I-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:11:41z Reply N:HOTG From Curramba, Colombia
KC9HEK-10 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:05:01z Reply N:HOTG hello from Perry, ny
KD4LQW-14 K4MJV-1 04/25 21:04:27z Reply N:HOTG Hope all are having a great day.
KJ7FQD-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:58:48z Reply N:HOTG from CN84
TA3E-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:51:50z Reply N:HOTG 73 ta3e
KD7ZWV K4MJV-1 04/25 20:49:09z Reply N:HOTG 73 de Utah
W1FRD K4MJV-1 04/25 20:47:00z Reply N:HOTG Hello from California
KB5LNC-15 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:42:14z Reply N:HOTG HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY is up and running. Hello to everyone!
VE7JBX K4MJV-1 04/25 20:40:02z Reply N:HOTG HELLO VIA OPENSPOT
WL7CLI K4MJV-1 04/25 20:39:34z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Salutations from WL7CLI in DSM, Iowa, 73
OE6PLD K4MJV-1 04/25 20:38:50z Reply N:HOTG logoff - 73 de Peter JN77
KC5FM-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:36:22z Reply N:HOTG Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month
KX8U-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:20:58z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 from Middletown, OH kx8u
WA5DXO-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:15:06z Reply N:HOTG Hutto,TX
AB8WD-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:13:56z Reply N:HOTG Hello from the Atens Michigan
KK7DBH-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:08:55z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY APRS THURSDAY 73
2E1LEX-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 20:06:45z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from 2E1LEX in IO92
G5DKT-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:58:30z Reply N:HOTG HI FROM DALE
KN4HBN-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:58:19z Reply N:HOTG hi from fl
KA7HOS-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:51:40z Reply N:HOTG from SW UT 73 Russ
AB8WD-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:48:31z Reply N:HOTG where are they ?173 Messages Sent
XE1GT-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:45:20z Reply N:HOTG Funny day! #APRSthursday from DL80
AB8WD-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:44:03z Reply N:HOTG 1ST Message test ftm400-->aprsis32
KC9NJZ-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:41:18z Reply N:HOTG EN52 IL
N4ML-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:40:21z Reply N:HOTG hi from new call!
KD8ZDZ-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:38:37z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Greetings from OH KD8ZDZ 73
KJ5IK-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:34:39z Reply N:HOTG Howdy from Lubbock, TX this week!
HK1I-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:28:10z Reply N:HOTG From Centro Historico Barranquilla
AB1PH-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:27:36z Reply N:HOTG AB1PH Don Walpole MA US via APRS-IS only
9W2EUM-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 19:25:15z Reply N:HOTG happy APRSTHURDAY i am form west malaysia 73
KN4SSU-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:59:06z Reply N:HOTG HELLO
TA3XYZ-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:58:50z Reply N:HOTG Turkiye
TA3EI-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:57:18z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thurs day all izmir konak 73
WA7SKG K4MJV-1 04/25 18:53:59z Reply N:HOTG 73 FRM POLK CO OREGON
N6NBN-15 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:46:39z Reply N:HOTG N6NBN in NEWCASTLE WA
VE7ILZ K4MJV-1 04/25 18:46:21z Reply N:HOTG hello from Princetob, BC
TA3HRJ K4MJV-1 04/25 18:39:20z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday Girne, KKTC (Kyrenia, TRNC) 73
TB3HBA-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:38:39z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday Türkiye 73
M7GNR-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:35:45z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday to all de M7GNR IO94HT 73
W1YTQ-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:26:58z Reply N:HOTG hello from Lexington, MA USA
KN6NCG-6 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:20:45z Reply N:HOTG Howdy from the Monterey Bay
KF0KFL-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:17:24z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from White Bear Lake, MN
K9WBT-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 18:05:39z Reply N:HOTG Hello from EN62bo
DC7MF-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:59:37z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday, 73 from bavaria
KC1JFN-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:57:07z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from West Haven, CT 73
OE6PLD K4MJV-1 04/25 17:56:59z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday LoRa @ 1k2
KL4Z-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:56:18z Reply N:HOTG - HAPPY #APRSTHURSDAY
W4BFZ-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:52:39z Reply N:HOTG working all states if there are takers EN61 #APRSThursday
HJ6JAG-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:49:18z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Saludos de HJ6JAG
KN4VA-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:46:09z Reply N:HOTG de Michael, Midlothian Virginia FM17eh, 73
N4EJM-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:42:34z Reply N:HOTG still need AK, NE, MS, LA, & RI
KM4ESU-3 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:40:30z Reply N:HOTG from HSV
HK1I-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:40:27z Reply N:HOTG Saudos desde Barranquilla [#APRSThursday]
KQ4LEE-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:38:30z Reply N:HOTG Hello from KY de KQ4LEE.
KD9YOO-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:25:31z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY APRSTHURSDAY 73 from Indianapolis
KG4EDY-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:18:02z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday 73 KG4EDY
XE2CT-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:02:29z Reply N:HOTG 73 de XE2CT
dk5rv-10 K4MJV-1 04/25 17:00:35z Reply N:HOTG vy 73+55 www.dk5rv.de
KG5GJT-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:58:45z Reply N:HOTG Mobile check in from NOLA LA 73 KG5GJT
KC2ZZR K4MJV-1 04/25 16:58:37z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday sent over HF
VU2JHM-15 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:58:16z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Bangalore India
9M4CSJ-3 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:58:11z Reply N:HOTG from Kelab Radio amatur Segamat
KC1OCY-1 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:55:04z Reply N:HOTG Hello and 73 from sunny Boston FN42
VU2LCI-10 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:50:54z Reply N:HOTG AprsThursday
VU2LCI-10 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:50:24z Reply N:HOTG Greetings 🙏 from Bangalore India 🇮🇳
SP9MLI-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:42:52z Reply N:HOTG 73 from sp
AE8K-8 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:40:02z Reply N:HOTG West Virginia checking in to APRS Thursday
ON2ACO-4 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:37:55z Reply N:HOTG 73 from belgium via lora aaprs
XE2AD-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:35:14z Reply N:HOTG hello from DL81 de David XE2AD
N7LOL-15 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:33:33z Reply N:HOTG GHARCFTO www.w7za.org
K5LGF-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:32:58z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 K5LGF
KF0PAY-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:31:40z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Colorado!
KG5GJT K4MJV-1 04/25 16:31:06z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSˆŠd@cðT#019,181,0, LA. 73 KG5GJT
F4DPO-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:30:06z Reply N:HOTG 73 de F4DPO France
N2HTE-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:29:20z Reply N:HOTG sharonville OH EMth79
VE3GMZ-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:26:15z Reply N:HOTG HI NEW USER
KG5GJT K4MJV-1 04/25 16:24:37z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from NOLA, LA. 73 KG5GJT
N6SGT-11 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:24:27z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from N6SGT Bill de No Calif
K3ROC K4MJV-1 04/25 16:23:22z Reply N:HOTG Welcome to #APRSThursday. Let's do this!!!
KK7MGJ-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:15:00z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from AZ!
G4FZP-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:11:08z Reply N:HOTG FM via iGate 73 Alan UK
KK7MNC K4MJV-1 04/25 16:09:26z Reply N:HOTG KK7MNC CN87wq Happy Thursday
W4XML-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:05:59z Reply N:HOTG W4XML checkin Franklin Ky No traffic, 73s
HK6IOP-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 16:02:56z Reply N:HOTG saludos desde Colombia radioclub Huila Fracol
KM6MCI-5 K4MJV-1 04/25 15:54:47z Reply N:HOTG KM6MCI 73 California
N4TRQ-9 K4MJV-1 04/25 15:53:40z Reply N:HOTG good morning to everyone in rf land #aprsthursday
KF5SMH K4MJV-1 04/25 15:53:08z Reply N:HOTG AZTEC NM AL M DM66 GM 73
N1TLH-7 K4MJV-1 04/25 15:40:42z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Tennessee#APRSTHURSDAY