K4LBL-7 messages

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K4LBL-7 KD7GJB 07/20 10:22:26z Send another Good morning! nice to see more folks on aprs in suffolk{94
KN4ZXF-7 K4LBL-7 07/14 19:40:00z Reply hello!{31
K4LBL-7 K4APR-8 07/11 11:34:02z Send another testing digipeater at lower power. 25 watts{93
K4LBL-7 KO4ZGL-9 07/10 11:48:27z Send another are you able to jump on 146.520? thanks!when back on 58{92
K4LBL-7 9W2BAF-5 06/06 09:43:44z Send another Good evening! Saw you come through igate in Virginia. {91
K4LBL-7 K4APR-8 06/05 11:12:49z Send another Good morning Jason{90
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 05/19 21:05:42z Send another at the grill 73{89
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 05/19 20:57:02z Reply catch ya later, 73{26
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 05/19 20:44:02z Reply cool{24
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 05/19 20:42:05z Send another keeps people guessing LOL finally an igate out here!{88
KG4WOJ-1 K4LBL-7 05/19 20:37:56z Reply when did you get the horse? LOL{23
K4LBL-7 KG4WOJ-1 05/19 20:32:06z Send another making it out this way{87
K4LBL-5 K4LBL-7 05/19 00:18:04z Reply TEMP:106F VOLT:13.86 RX:3295 FCS:154943 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:1634{ab
K4LBL-7 K4LBL-5 05/19 00:18:03z Send another cmd info{86
K4LBL-5 K4LBL-7 05/17 13:13:55z Reply TEMP:107F VOLT:13.86 RX:17 FCS:817 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:11{aa