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K3QQN K4VBX 06/20 17:29:37z Send another MADE THE ISS PASS TODAY ON APRS{1
N8URE-7 K3QQN 06/20 16:57:49z Reply EL95 QSL?{34
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:31:54z Reply 73{MY}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:31:43z Send another yep me too....got to set for dinner 73 {9
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:31:27z Reply seems fishy{MX}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:31:19z Reply quite an operator...multiple ft8 lines, multiple bands...{MW}
K3QQN K4VBX : 06/04 23:31:01z Send another ckMV}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:30:48z Reply don't hear him on 30, just stations he's working{MV}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:30:36z Send another nothing hr on 30 & won't answer me now on 20{8
K3QQN K4VBX : 06/04 23:28:57z Send another ckMU}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:28:46z Reply him on 30{MU}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:28:38z Reply ok very strong on 20 i'm only calling with 50w, will see if i hear+{MT}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:28:03z Send another 10.131 usb remember 200 watt power restriction{7
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:26:46z Reply frequency?{MS}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:26:31z Send another Everyone still calling him on 30{6
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:25:22z Send another oh YEAh!!{5
K3QQN K4VBX : 06/04 23:24:19z Send another ckMR}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:24:15z Reply That bites{MR}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:23:55z Send another pc froze so missed his rr 73{4
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 23:23:14z Send another I lost him. Everyone still calling. Had him actually on 20 & my p{3
K3QQN K4VBX : 06/04 23:20:57z Send another ckMQ}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:20:28z Reply nice on 30.{MQ}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 23:20:18z Reply Thanks! I hope he's still there. I'm in his log on 15. Would be+{MP}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 22:23:38z Send another went to 30 mtrs. no luck on 20{2
K3QQN K4VBX 06/04 21:54:35z Send another Outstanding! trying to work ft4gl on ft8 14.091 right now{1
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 21:53:38z Reply with a Missouri station for grid number and 73.{MO}
K3QQN K4VBX : 06/04 21:53:17z Send another ckMO}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/04 21:52:53z Reply success working ISS yesterday. 2 beacon hits, and qso exchange+{MN}
K3QQN K4VBX : 06/01 20:39:17z Send another ckML}
K4VBX K3QQN 06/01 20:39:12z Reply i'm sure the bandnoise seemed more quiet than normal too!{ML}
K3QQN K4VBX 06/01 20:38:38z Send another Whoops had the rf gain down!{1
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 20:14:34z Send another UR TARPN NODE WORKS, SEE APRS.FI{1
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 01:55:50z Send another 1.8 deg{17
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 01:47:31z Send another 1.5 min{16
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 01:43:50z Send another RR no dopler on 2 mtrs{15
K4VBX K3QQN 05/29 01:42:11z Reply i am going to QSY to digi on 145.825
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 01:41:32z Send another 4 min{14
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 01:39:45z Send another I think I got it{7
K4VBX K3QQN 05/29 01:36:04z Reply let's see if that pops up
K4VBX K3QQN 05/29 01:35:42z Reply K4VBXTEST 5.55mi W TEST_OBJ }d0I@YNaT\VVVUXSSDE?@Y{v10AA No Symbol
K3QQN K4VBX 05/29 01:34:59z Send another ok will do I see hse & truck
K4VBX K3QQN 05/29 01:32:19z Reply location and polygon, please tell me.
K4VBX K3QQN 05/29 01:32:19z Reply If my test object K4VBXTEST populated on your screen with a+
K3QQN K4VBX 05/28 22:57:45z Send another So this is ur wx station?
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 22:51:48z Reply I hope the chat groups messages, so you don't get multi one-liners
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 22:49:55z Reply they handle objects.
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 22:49:55z Reply confirmed other TNC brands. Heard there are some differences how+
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 22:49:55z Reply I have confirmed that the format works with Kenwood TNC, but not+
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 22:48:05z Reply RF-only APRS station
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 22:48:05z Reply The intent is that weather obj would populate the map of an+
K3QQN K4VBX : 05/28 21:47:43z Send another es thought I had it set up....no alert tone. have to fix that{4
K3QQN 05/28 21:47:43z Send another
K3QQN K4VBX 05/28 21:46:39z Send another Lots of stuff. Sharon was talking to me abt our son and some other{3
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 21:45:17z Reply AA:I do check messages!
K3QQN K4VBX 05/28 21:44:46z Send another I have VB Alert and I can hear NOAA WX radio on the walkie. {2
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 20:58:27z Reply wx cycle I hope.{DF}
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 20:58:15z Reply objects of RF from my Igate. Will check that out during next svr+{DE}
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 20:58:08z Reply Great. Curious to know how you might be receiving severe weather+{DD}
K3QQN K4VBX 05/28 20:56:08z Send another GOT IT! 73{1
K4VBX K3QQN 05/28 20:49:21z Reply Testing. I hope you can see this.{DC}