K2GB messages

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WA7GMX-1 K2GB 07/18 12:20:09z Reply ?APRSD{0O}HH
WA7GMX-9 K2GB 07/04 14:30:32z Reply GM, and a happy 4th to you too. 72 Ron{16FC0
K2GB WA7GMX-1 07/04 11:48:19z Send another Hello from coast happy 4 th propigation gud to west in am 73..{HH}
K2GB K2MO-15 06/27 14:57:18z Send another cpy 3 test messages.. 73{XC}
K2MO-15 K2GB 06/27 03:55:46z Reply Testing{FO}
K2GB K2MO-15 06/26 23:08:45z Send another hampton bays sayville {GG}FM
K2GB K2MO-15 06/26 23:07:33z Send another 73 take care{GF}FM
K2GB K2MO-15 06/26 23:06:32z Send another 2008 and went up state ny Salem ny for 15 yrs retied FDNY{GE}FM
K2MO-15 K2GB 06/26 23:06:22z Reply Got to run OM. All the best. {FM}GD
K2MO-15 K2GB 06/26 23:05:07z Reply HI OM. Where did you live on LI? QTH is Kings Park. {FL}GD
K2GB K2MO-15 06/26 23:02:45z Send another Hello from Hampton Virginia . i live on LI fr 55 years good cpy on{GD}
K2MO-15 K2GB 06/26 03:50:26z Reply GE OM{UT}
K2GB CT1ETE-10 06/05 02:13:28z Send another hello from usa VA. Fm17 73 rick/K2gb
WA7GMX-1 K2GB 05/20 13:09:18z Reply Goog morning{0I}FG
K2GB WA7GMX-1 05/20 11:36:34z Send another Hello from VA my packet went west coast in am 73 Rick/K2GB{FG}