K0LWC-10 messages

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K0LWC-10 IK7FMQ 08/24 11:39:15z Send another rejQ
K0LWC-10 WA1GON10 08/24 11:35:11z Send another jej
K0LWC-10 SR5ZBL 08/24 11:26:10z Send another rejE
K0LWC-10 SR5ZBL 08/24 11:24:17z Send another rejZ
DG1RPU-1 K0LWC-10 08/24 10:45:35z Reply Best73 de Hans {1
K0LWC-10 FWDFLS 08/24 10:40:52z Send another rejC
N0MQL-1 K0LWC-10 08/21 21:37:25z Reply ?APRST
K0LWC-10 N0MQL-7 08/15 20:40:19z Send another rej06
N0MQL-7 K0LWC-10 08/15 20:25:41z Reply Hi from Centerville{06
K0LWC-10 N0MQL-7 08/15 19:40:16z Send another rej05
N0MQL-7 K0LWC-10 08/15 19:38:49z Reply test via my digiptr agn{05
K0LWC-10 N0MQL-12 08/14 20:20:19z Send another rej04
N0MQL-12 K0LWC-10 08/14 20:10:14z Reply HT via my digipeater, I hope.{04
K0LWC-10 N0MQL-12 08/14 18:35:17z Send another rej03
N0MQL-12 K0LWC-10 08/14 18:32:54z Reply HT via my digipeater, I hope.{03
K0LWC-10 ILXFLS 08/14 15:27:05z Send another rej1
K0LWC-10 W6DXW-1 08/14 15:25:40z Send another rejD
K0LWC-10 PSRFFW 08/14 15:23:04z Send another rej0
K0LWC-10 LX0SCI 08/14 15:20:24z Send another rejA
K0LWC-10 ILXFLS 08/14 15:17:36z Send another rej3
K0LWC-10 LSXFLS 08/14 14:52:38z Send another rej2
K0LWC-10 N0MQL 08/08 18:50:31z Send another Right on{35
N0MQL K0LWC-10 08/08 17:24:31z Reply Will put U on list & find datetime ok 4 all{04
K0LWC-10 N0MQL 08/08 16:34:48z Send another when do you need me over?{34
N0MQL-5 K0LWC-10 08/03 20:25:04z Reply Able to write msg w/ mic num pad... then unable to send. Bonkers!{AFECE
N0MQL K0LWC-10 08/01 14:14:18z Reply Hey... dude. {01