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KD5QHB-9 WX8P-1 07/14 01:29:45z Reply hello how r u{02
KD5QHB-9 WX8P-1 07/14 01:27:04z Reply hello{01
KD4STT-10 WX8P-1 06/25 22:01:19z Reply 423-333-8736 is one way to contact us. Thank you for your help.{3
KD4STT-10 WX8P-1 06/25 21:59:47z Reply I'm in need of a short coaxial jumper. can you help get the word ut{2
KD4STT-10 WX8P-1 06/25 21:57:36z Reply Good evening. I'm visiting the wife's family here in Ti ce Fla.{1