PSAT messages

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PSAT DV8ADO-7 03/21 05:50:51z Send another AOS 50m39s NW SW^22 S 10m{ZG}
DV8ADO-7 PSAT 03/21 05:50:51z Reply hi 73{1
PSAT KB3KBR-1 03/20 18:13:09z Send another SSE^7 SE LOS 1m33s{ZF}GH
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 03/20 18:13:09z Reply m{GH}ZD
PSAT KB3KBR-1 03/20 18:10:00z Send another SSW^42 SE LOS 4m42s{ZD}GF
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 03/20 18:10:00z Reply m{GF}
PSAT KB3KBR-1 03/19 18:57:16z Send another SSE^4 SSE LOS 1m{ZA}GA
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 03/19 18:57:16z Reply me{GA}YY
PSAT KB3KBR-1 03/19 18:53:20z Send another SW^24 SW^24 SSE LOS 4m56s{YY}FY
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 03/19 18:53:20z Reply me{FY}
PSAT K6MOX 03/17 13:55:18z Send another ENE^72 NE LOS 4m36s{BP}
PSAT K6MOX 03/17 13:49:56z Send another ESE^79 ESE^79 NE LOS 4m46s{BO}
PSAT K6MOX 03/17 13:47:48z Send another SSE^79 ESE^79 NE LOS 4m53s{BN}
K6MOX PSAT 03/17 13:44:18z Reply hi all{18
K6MOX PSAT 03/17 13:44:08z Reply 80 up{17
K6MOX PSAT 03/17 13:44:02z Reply 75 up{16
PSAT F1GBD-5 03/16 14:51:41z Send another Please Beacon Position{AV}
F1GBD-5 PSAT 03/16 14:47:55z Reply 73 from F1GBD JN18jk{14
PSAT KB3KBR-1 03/15 20:13:27z Send another S^17 SSE LOS 3m11s{AU}YN
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 03/15 20:13:27z Reply me{YN}
PSAT F1GBD-5 03/15 09:08:22z Send another Please Beacon Position{AL}
F1GBD-5 PSAT 03/15 09:04:37z Reply 73 from F1GBD JN18jk{2
PSAT K6MOX 03/13 15:05:17z Send another ENE^33 NE LOS 3m45s{AF}
K6MOX PSAT 03/13 15:03:07z Reply 40degs up{14
PSAT ON4BN 03/09 11:55:33z Send another Please Beacon Position{HJ}
ON4BN PSAT 03/09 11:51:29z Reply 73's to all via SAT - ON4BN Jurgen -
PSAT K6MOX 03/08 17:07:24z Send another SW^65 SW^89 NE LOS 5m6s{HI}
K6MOX PSAT 03/08 17:03:38z Reply 84 degs up{11
PSAT HG5OAP-10 03/08 03:17:11z Send another AOS 4h26m (0743z) SE^5{HH}
HG5OAP-10 PSAT 03/08 03:17:11z Reply help{2
PSAT HG5OAP-10 03/08 03:16:58z Send another AOS 4h26m (0743z) SE^5{HG}
HG5OAP-10 PSAT 03/08 03:16:58z Reply test{1
PSAT K6MOX 03/07 02:44:25z Send another SSW^18 SSE LOS 3m43s{GZ}
K6MOX PSAT 03/07 02:42:15z Reply 25degs up{10
PSAT K6MOX 03/06 01:47:34z Send another Please Beacon Position{GP}
K6MOX PSAT 03/06 01:47:34z Reply hi psat{9
PSAT K6MOX 03/05 17:42:34z Send another E^22 NE LOS 3m36s{GN}
K6MOX PSAT 03/05 17:38:49z Reply hello sat{8
PSAT K6MOX 03/05 02:35:52z Send another ESE^26 SE LOS 3m54s{FM}
PSAT K6MOX 03/05 02:32:07z Send another ESE^38 SE LOS 4m31s{FL}
K6MOX PSAT 03/05 02:32:07z Reply 60 degs{7
PSAT K6MOX 03/04 18:22:21z Send another ENE^31 NE LOS 3m37s{FK}
K6MOX PSAT 03/04 18:22:21z Reply fun stuff{6
PSAT K6MOX 03/03 19:12:16z Send another Please Beacon Position{FE}
PSAT K6MOX 03/03 19:10:40z Send another Please Beacon Position{FD}
K6MOX PSAT 03/03 19:05:19z Reply T2020{5
K6MOX PSAT 03/03 19:04:55z Reply hi all{4
PSAT K6MOX 03/03 19:04:46z Send another Please Beacon Position{FC}
K6MOX PSAT 03/03 19:04:45z Reply 60 up{3
PSAT PU7ASG-7 02/27 03:15:52z Send another AOS 9h (1215z) SE^33{EA}
PU7ASG-7 PSAT 02/27 03:15:52z Reply SÉRGIO, MACEIÓ-AL, BRAZIL{1
PSAT PU7ASG 02/27 02:40:25z Send another AOS 9h35m (1215z) SE^33{DY}
PU7ASG PSAT 02/27 02:40:25z Reply Saudações do Brasil, de Sérgio PU7ASG
PSAT PU7ASG 02/27 02:30:38z Send another AOS 9h45m (1215z) SE^33{DX}
PU7ASG PSAT 02/27 02:30:37z Reply GRID, HI20di{18
PSAT PU7ASG 02/27 02:08:42z Send another AOS 8m43s NW SW^29 S 12m{DV}
PU7ASG PSAT 02/27 02:08:42z Reply Sérgio, Maceió-AL, Brazil, HI20di
PSAT ON7BRT 02/27 02:06:51z Send another test
PSAT ON7BRT 02/23 20:24:05z Send another SE^36 SE LOS 4m28s{BM}
ON7BRT PSAT 02/23 20:24:05z Reply{56
PSAT BLN2USA 02/23 17:47:20z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT N0BPI-7 02/23 11:45:47z Send another AOS 8h17m (2002z) SE^15{BI}
PSAT BLN2EUR 02/19 21:22:01z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT BLN0USA 02/18 17:35:15z Send another AMSAT Enigma Event 2018 - [B/RTE] see
PSAT BLN1USA 02/18 17:33:37z Send another ENIGMA experiment - see
PSAT BLN1EUR 02/18 10:31:33z Send another AMSAT-UK Colloquium October 13-14, 2018 - Milton Keyn
PSAT SV1SJC-6 02/14 14:55:38z Send another Please Beacon Position{XM}
SV1SJC-6 PSAT 02/14 14:54:33z Reply 73 from space vacuum via PSAT!{66
PSAT K1TPN-9 02/14 03:41:15z Send another AOS 1h14m (0455z) NE^15{XI}
K1TPN-9 PSAT 02/14 03:41:15z Reply next{1
PSAT OE3HGB 02/09 10:02:25z Send another AOS 7h28m (1731z) SE^5{GQ}GK
OE3HGB PSAT 02/09 10:02:25z Reply mh{GK}GP
PSAT OE3HGB 02/09 10:02:11z Send another AOS 7h28m (1731z) SE^5{GP}GJ
OE3HGB PSAT 02/09 10:02:11z Reply *{GJ}GO
PSAT OE3HGB 02/09 10:01:48z Send another AOS 7h29m (1731z) SE^5{GO}GI
OE3HGB PSAT 02/09 10:01:48z Reply ?
PSAT OE3HGB 02/09 10:01:38z Send another AOS 7h29m (1731z) SE^5{GN}GI
OE3HGB PSAT 02/09 10:01:37z Reply 73 de Heinz{GI}
PSAT KG7KMV-10 01/25 16:12:21z Send another Please Beacon Position{OQ}
KG7KMV-10 PSAT 01/25 16:12:21z Reply CQ de KG7KMV {1{1
PSAT YO3FVR 01/19 08:05:38z Send another AOS 1h05m (0911z) SW^43{NI}FR
YO3FVR PSAT 01/19 08:05:37z Reply YO3FVR{FR}
PSAT YO3FVR 01/13 16:16:36z Send another AOS 10h45m (14 0301z) SE^22{KY}RS
YO3FVR PSAT 01/13 16:16:36z Reply YO3FV{RS}
PSAT N0BPI-7 01/13 13:15:12z Send another WNW^42 NNW^46 NE LOS 6m48s{KW}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 01/13 13:11:25z Reply Hello PSAT How is the view from up there?{18
PSAT N0BPI-7 01/12 18:49:36z Send another Please Beacon Position{KO}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 01/12 18:49:36z Reply ?APRSP
PSAT N0BPI-7 01/12 12:22:13z Send another ESE^40 NE LOS 5m23s{KN}
PSAT DL6AP-7 01/11 11:54:47z Send another AOS 1h23m (1312z) SW^13{KK}
PSAT DL6AP-7 01/11 11:51:02z Send another AOS 1h24m (1312z) SW^13{KJ}
DL6AP-7 PSAT 01/11 11:48:16z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy!{0
PSAT YO9DOC-6 01/11 09:14:45z Send another Please Beacon Position{KI}
PSAT YO9DOC-6 01/11 09:10:59z Send another Please Beacon Position{KH}
PSAT YO9DOC-6 01/11 09:10:27z Send another Please Beacon Position{KG}
PSAT YO9DOC-6 01/11 09:06:41z Send another Please Beacon Position{KF}
YO9DOC-6 PSAT 01/11 09:02:55z Reply hello?!?!{4
YO9DOC-6 PSAT 01/11 09:02:55z Reply hello{3
YO9DOC-6 PSAT 01/11 09:02:55z Reply hello{2
YO9DOC-6 PSAT 01/11 09:02:55z Reply yo9doc-psat{1