N0BPI-7 messages

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PSAT N0BPI-7 05/11 23:56:13z Reply Please Beacon Position{VA}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 05/11 23:56:13z Send another ?APRSP
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/09 23:50:02z Reply SE^21 SE LOS 3m13s{UL}
N1MHV N0BPI-7 05/09 23:48:59z Reply AA:Acknowledged de N1MHV, 73
N0BPI-7 N1MHV 05/09 23:48:27z Send another N1MHV de N0BPI in EN34 Minnesota{69
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/09 00:35:17z Reply W^37 SW^49 SE LOS 6m12s{UI}
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/09 00:31:29z Reply W^36 SW^49 SE LOS 6m14s{UH}
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/08 23:00:06z Reply Please Beacon Position{UC}
KF5TJR N0BPI-7 05/08 22:57:14z Reply Greetings de KF5TJR{CB}
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/08 22:56:20z Reply Please Beacon Position{UB}
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/28 20:44:05z Reply E^23 ENE LOS 4m16s{QB}
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/28 20:42:29z Reply ESE^25 ENE LOS 4m31s{QA}
N0BPI-7 KE4AZZ 04/28 20:40:29z Send another Greetings KE4AZZ Loud And Clear From Minnesota{25
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/23 22:49:00z Reply E^26 ENE LOS 4m5s{NC}
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/23 22:45:12z Reply SE^39 ENE LOS 5m32s{NB}
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/23 16:23:13z Reply QRA PU7ASG
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/22 23:34:12z Reply Please Beacon Position{MO}
KA3MTT-7 N0BPI-7 04/22 23:31:16z Reply Hello from KY in EM79pa{2
N0BPI-7 NA1SA 04/22 23:30:54z Send another NA1SA de N0BPI You are load and clear in EN34 Minnesota{68
N0BPI-7 PSAT 04/22 23:30:26z Send another Hello PSAT How is the view from up there?{18
ISS N0BPI-7 04/20 19:41:52z Reply Please Beacon Position{LQ}
KC9YTT N0BPI-7 04/20 19:39:58z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's (KC9YTT Actual)
N0BPI-7 ISS 04/20 19:38:06z Send another Hello ISS,Goodbye ISS,See you later ISS...{46
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 04/20 19:38:03z Send another Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down,you will see me.{44
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 04/13 17:28:42z Send another Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down, you will see me{43
ISS N0BPI-7 04/06 01:53:35z Reply Please Beacon Position{PP}
N0BPI-7 K3DQB 04/06 01:53:32z Send another K3DQB de N0BPI You are load and clear in EN34 Minnesota{63
N0BPI-7 WE4B 04/06 01:52:32z Send another WE4B de N0BPI You are crystal clear in EN34 Minnesota{66
ISS N0BPI-7 03/31 02:06:14z Reply Please Beacon Position{AW}
N0BPI-7 VE3NBJ 03/27 00:40:19z Send another VE3NBJ de N0BPI You are crystal clear in EN34 Minnesota{65
N0BPI-7 KD9JJR-7 03/27 00:39:20z Send another KD9JJR de N0BPI Crystal clear in EN34 Minnesota{67