KI7UNJ-9 messages

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KI7UNJ-9 KG5GJT 09/23 15:16:57z Send another good morning capt starting the rove{09
KI7UNJ-9 KG5GJT 09/20 13:24:16z Send another Hello again!
KG5GJT KI7UNJ-9 09/19 23:40:58z Reply Whats up 1st mate{01
KI7UNJ-9 KG5GJT 09/19 19:20:16z Send another hello captain{08
K7TIG KI7UNJ-9 09/16 19:19:45z Reply what is amsat roving?{01
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/10 18:00:26z Reply @bekki Call when you can{M8125
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/10 17:42:00z Reply @bekki Okay{M8124
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/10 16:54:34z Reply @jon Rgr{M8118
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 08/10 16:52:15z Send another @bekki no cell for 3 hours all good{06
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 08/10 16:36:29z Send another @jon please tweet that made corner and let k7tab knw to tweet to{05
DL6AP-7 KI7UNJ-9 07/26 19:19:02z Reply 73 fm W7O/CS-003 de Andy!{1