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KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-9 08/25 20:21:05z Send another Thanks again for letting me help again today{39
KF0AED-9 N0KFB-10 08/17 01:54:35z Send another yes I was 5 miles away from the tornado in Glenco.{36
KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-9 08/15 00:08:18z Send another Where U heading?{35
KF0AED-9 N0KFB-10 08/14 23:28:28z Send another Ok thanks{34
N0KFB-10 KF0AED-9 08/14 23:19:35z Reply be safe. TTYL{3
N0KFB-10 KF0AED-9 08/14 23:19:25z Reply severe storms AND tornado warnings all over{2
N0KFB-10 KF0AED-9 08/14 23:18:52z Reply stop and check the weather situation.{1
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/13 02:07:01z Reply Hello{1
KF0AED-9 KF0AED-7 08/13 00:55:36z Send another What's your 20?{33
KF0AED-9 KF0AED-7 08/13 00:54:43z Send another ETA is minutes{32
KF0AED-9 KF0AED-7 08/13 00:53:22z Send another Driving check QSY freq 2 talk{31
KF0AED-9 KF0AED-7 08/13 00:48:42z Send another td{30
KF0AED-9 KF0AED-7 08/13 00:48:08z Send another Hi. Test{29
KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-9 08/11 18:15:01z Send another Hi Don, it's Stephen{28
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/11 18:14:03z Send another How is your day going so far?{27
KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-9 08/11 18:10:03z Send another Hi is this Don?{26
KF0AED-9 KD0HUV-1 08/11 17:53:27z Send another Where is the MS tram tour at?{25
KF0AED-9 GRBSVR 08/10 14:06:16z Send another What's this?{24
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:36:40z Reply How much did it cost?{7
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:23:45z Reply Nice!{6
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/08 21:23:40z Send another Yes and bluetooth{23
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:22:25z Reply Nice yeah that's a nice handheld. Does it have built in GPS?{5
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/08 21:17:06z Send another That's amazing. I got a Yaesu FT-3DR 2 days ago and love it.{22
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:11:24z Reply I'll going to set up an APRS transmitter/interface at work.{4
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/08 21:10:36z Send another Sweet I would love to see it sometime{21
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:07:28z Reply APRS stuff in the next month.{3
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:07:18z Reply Cool! I just wanted to let you know I'll be setting up some new{2
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/08 21:06:40z Send another Good just storm chasing close 2 home{20
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/08 21:05:06z Send another AA:Storm Spotting now, QSY Freq if you need to talk
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/08 21:04:13z Reply Good how about you?{1
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/08 21:03:58z Send another Hello how are you doing?{19
KF0AED-9 N0XFD-14 08/07 16:26:24z Send another How is your day going so far?{18
KF0AED-9 KD0NGV-11 08/06 18:13:03z Send another Please tell me{12
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/06 00:51:27z Reply I recieved your message from this morning.{9
N0ALE-9 KF0AED-9 08/05 23:19:35z Reply Just getting off work. I'll message you after I eat dinner.{10
KF0AED-9 N0ALE-9 08/05 14:57:38z Send another What's your plan 4 2day?{11
KF0AED-9 N0ALE-W 08/05 14:57:24z Send another What's your plan 4 2day?{10
KF0AED-9 N0ALE-9 08/05 14:50:27z Send another ?APRSP
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/05 14:06:04z Send another What's your plan 4 2day?{8
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/02 16:17:17z Reply radio.{8
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/02 16:17:14z Reply Well I have a supply that would supply enough current for your{7
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/02 16:16:25z Send another Do U have a power supply with thats 50 watts?{7
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/02 16:15:36z Reply What now?{6
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/02 16:14:06z Send another Do U{6
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/02 16:13:34z Reply Ok sounds good.{5
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/02 16:11:08z Send another I will E-mail you tonight{5
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/01 21:25:24z Reply Which repeaters do you frequent? I don't much voice anymore.{4
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/01 21:23:55z Send another Yes just got done packing for the day.{3
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/01 21:23:35z Send another What repeater can you reach?{4
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/01 21:21:00z Reply logged on quick.{3
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/01 21:20:54z Reply Good and how about yours? I saw you were trying to contact me and{2
KF0AED-9 N0ALE-10 08/01 21:19:24z Send another How is your day going so far?{2
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/01 21:09:24z Send another How is your day going so far?{1
N0ALE KF0AED-9 08/01 18:16:27z Reply No problem! Happy to chat!{1
KF0AED-9 N0ALE 08/01 18:15:48z Send another Hello thanks 4 the email{0
KF0AED-9 N0ALE-10 08/01 18:11:04z Send another Hello thanks 4 the email{5
N0OH-5 KF0AED-9 07/29 22:13:53z Reply just ducky{1
KF0AED-9 N0OH-5 07/29 16:42:24z Send another How is your day going so far?{32
KF0AED-9 KC0RIS-9 07/22 13:05:28z Send another Are you doing the food drive today?{31
KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-9 07/22 12:45:40z Send another I am here just a bit early{30
KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-1 07/22 11:17:19z Send another On my way Don{29
KF0AED-9 KC0QNA-9 07/22 11:05:48z Send another On my way{28
KF0AED-9 KD0TLS-10 07/20 18:04:21z Send another Do you know where I can get coaix cable?{27