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AE0KW-1 KD0TLS-7 09/19 18:16:06z Reply Thanks! Cheers -Tony{5
KD0TLS-7 AE0KW-1 09/19 18:08:03z Send another Nice to see your station back on the air{SO}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/09 19:10:01z Reply Hello{1
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:48:58z Reply Yes it was nice chatting with you. Have a good day!{49
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:48:34z Send another Nice chatting with you.{QS}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:48:24z Send another explore that world for a bit.{QR}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:48:20z Send another Well, my tablet is charged. I'm gonna set up that VA station and+{QQ}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:47:05z Reply Yep{48
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:46:43z Send another just RF. That sounds useful.{QP}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:46:38z Send another You can use an HT in the metro, and message someone in Ely with+{QO}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:46:38z Reply I think that' defintely a good sign.{47
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:45:55z Send another so I'm optimistic.{QN}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:45:51z Send another I think there's more interest in RF messaging for EmComm lately,+{QM}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:45:40z Reply That's all you need yep.{46
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:45:03z Send another handful of RPi stations{QL}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:45:00z Send another Great. Yeah, it wouldn't take much to fill in those gaps. Just a+{QK}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:44:54z Reply Yep{45
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:43:56z Send another ...or just show gateways/digi{QJ}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:43:50z Reply Yes I know{44
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:43:41z Send another stations, right?{QI}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:43:37z Send another You know you can create a filter on aprs.fi to block those wx+{QH}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:43:02z Reply that's it lol.{43
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:42:56z Reply Just in looking at the map there's a bunch of weather stations{42
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:42:26z Send another Even Ham Lake has no coverage north to damn near Mille Lacs{QG}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:41:50z Reply would be covered.{41
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:41:45z Reply Yeah then defintely there's a demand there. That way to the north{40
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:40:59z Send another City gateway dead{QF}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:40:55z Send another Agree totally. Mostly to the north. Hinckley digi's dead. Pine+{QE}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:39:54z Reply We could use more RX gateways along 35.{39
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:38:52z Send another That's what I'm thinking. No TX, though.{QD}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:38:25z Reply That could very well usher in a bunch of new gateways maybe.{38
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:37:51z Send another changer.{QC}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:37:45z Send another Yeah, can't remember the name. Something mini. Could be a game+{QB}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:37:04z Reply Sounds simple enough.{37
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:36:33z Send another Just connect an antenna and ethernet, and you're working.{QA}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:36:18z Send another new device that has the radio and gateway built in{PZ}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:36:11z Send another Never tried Microsat, but heard they had no support. Now there's a+{PY}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:35:30z Reply I wouldn't add to it.{36
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:35:24z Reply Ehhh even that's debateable. There's so much RF flying around{35
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:34:35z Send another Maybe in Lakeville or something.{PX}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:34:26z Reply Ya think? lol{34
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:34:17z Reply n rock solid.{33
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:34:13z Reply Might be older firmware. Mine has the latest version which has bee{32
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:34:01z Send another Yeah, we really don't need another digi in town.{PW}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:33:35z Send another Working for you, though.{PV}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:33:30z Send another I've heard some had trouble getting Microsat to work right.+{PU}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:32:23z Reply don't currently use.{31
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:32:14z Reply No it's a standalone box from Microsat. Has a built in digi that I{30
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:31:25z Send another Are you running Linux on your gateway?{PT}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:30:53z Send another last long before it reboots and it'll all be over.{PS}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:30:48z Send another Not me. The tablet running my gateway is unstable, so it won't+{PR}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:29:14z Reply Who knows how the servers decide on packet routing.{29
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:28:18z Send another complaining, but weird.{PQ}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:27:43z Send another It's like the servers decided my station is now the pipeline. Not+{PP}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:26:42z Reply Haha Michigan!? Yeah what the hell man.{28
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:26:12z Send another heard them first?{PO}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:26:02z Send another i'm seeing stations from Michigan being gated here. Nobody else+{PN}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:25:59z Send another no reason I should be getting all of this traffic.{PM}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:24:52z Send another That's what's weird. I've got a pretty marginal station. There's+{PL}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:22:43z Reply it depends on who gates it first.{27
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:22:30z Reply Yeah plus no duplicates so{26
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:21:40z Send another servers have some control over who gates what.{PK}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:21:34z Send another Still no idea what's going on with my gateway. I think APRS-IS+{PJ}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:20:19z Reply Nice!{25
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:19:34z Send another for the tablet to charge. Then I can start logging it.{PI}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:19:30z Send another I'm gonna switch over to a VA-only station this morning. Waiting+{PH}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:18:08z Send another much new traffic.{PG}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:18:04z Send another Not a lot of people know about VA. That's why it's weird to see so+{PF}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:17:23z Reply I'm sort of new to APRS so I'm just learning.{24
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:17:09z Send another Heard it being used on the Elk River 2M repeater, too.{PE}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:16:50z Reply Cool!{23
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:16:17z Send another range.{PD}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:16:13z Send another So if you use a 100 TSQ, you will hear mobile stations in simplex+{PC}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:16:09z Reply Oh ok yeah that sounds familiar now.{22
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:15:26z Send another traffic. {PB}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:15:20z Send another VA uses a 100 PL tone on APRS to alert operators to local mobile+{PA}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:14:42z Send another messaging, so that's good.{OZ}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:14:07z Send another He's got a lot of local people interested in playing around with+{OY}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:13:55z Reply VoiceAlert? What exactly is that?{21
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:13:20z Send another that. Maybe it's Stephen.{OX}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:13:15z Send another Seeing a lot of VoiceAlert traffic lately, too. Told him about+{OW}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:12:54z Reply Well he can contact me either at N0ALE, N0ALE-7 or N0ALE-9.{20
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:11:59z Send another He's relying on APRS to keep in touch with the metro folks.{OV}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:11:39z Reply Sounds good yeah I'll try to be on APRS as much as possible.{19
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:11:20z Send another Stephen's moving to Albertville, kind of outside the metro range{OU}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:10:35z Send another I just tried to raise him, but nope. But I'll pass it on. {OT}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:10:15z Reply Yeah N9MEC is always having issues I see.{18
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:09:57z Send another ...even if it is taking your usual traffic.{OS}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:09:48z Send another over the south metro...{OR}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:09:41z Send another With N9MEC getting so unreliable, it's good to see KE0VZZ taking+{OQ}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:09:30z Reply watching APRS for him.{17
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:09:21z Reply Well if you catch up with him at some point let him know I'll be{16
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:08:20z Send another Talked to him many times on my commute.{OP}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:07:12z Send another i wanna say KF0AED, but I don't see him on air right now. Stephen.+{OO}
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:05:51z Reply they're on.{15
N0ALE KD0TLS-7 08/01 16:05:46z Reply What's the callsign? I'll make sure to send them a message when{14
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:05:28z Send another see the daily traffic.{ON}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:05:25z Send another I don't watch my messages much, either. Just check the gateway to+{OM}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:05:01z Send another sending messages to everyone. Disappointed at the response{OL}
KD0TLS-7 N0ALE 08/01 16:04:57z Send another Yeah same here. There's a new ham up in Maple Grove who's been+{OK}