K5TMK-9 messages

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KE7KUS-10 K5TMK-9 08/23 02:23:14z Reply Hi!{19
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 08/20 19:55:32z Reply So formal!{72
K5TMK-9 KE7KUS-10 08/20 19:14:08z Send another hello{15
KG5VIN-9 K5TMK-9 08/18 15:26:51z Reply Good morning! Just playing, seeing how all this works....{34
KG5VIN-9 K5TMK-9 08/17 02:26:11z Reply it is a tad hot, we are just outside toc, need to gain elevation{21
K5TMK-9 KG5VIN-9 08/17 02:21:59z Send another How is the overlanding? {14
K5TMK-9 KG5VIN-9 08/17 02:01:19z Send another Get lost yet?{13
KE7KUS-6 K5TMK-9 07/19 21:59:44z Reply Made it to the lake. Love you!{48
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 07/19 19:27:19z Reply Love you!{69