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YO8RBY BLNQSL1/1 02/24 12:18:10z Send another YO8CLN-2,YO6HEG-10,YO8A-2,YO6T-2,YO8M-2{UISS54}
YO8RBY BLNQSL1/1 02/24 11:59:50z Send another YO8CLN-2,YO6HEG-10,YO8A-2,YO6T-2{UISS54}
YO8RBY BLN 02/24 11:49:57z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1
YO8RBY UR4LSK 02/24 11:18:59z Send another All the best to you and your's '73 Narcis
UR4LSK YO8RBY 02/24 11:17:34z Reply Hello from Ukraine!!! Op.Sergey QTH.Kharkiv via ISS
YO8RBY BLNQSL1/1 02/24 07:55:52z Send another YO6T-2,YO6HEG-10{UISS54}