YO8RAA-5 messages

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YO8RAA-5 F5BQV 05/05 15:04:34z Send another hello Pierre, 73 from north Romania
F5BQV YO8RAA-5 05/05 08:28:06z Reply Hello and 73's from Pierre IN87SN
YO8RAA-5 TB2DBF-9 04/23 08:03:21z Send another hello 73 de Mircea
YO8RAA-5 RN3DDW-6 04/23 07:51:39z Send another hello
TB2DBF-9 YO8RAA-5 04/23 07:44:03z Reply 73{45
RN3DDW-6 YO8RAA-5 04/23 07:43:26z Reply !{29
YO8RAA-5 TA1BM 04/21 09:30:20z Send another hello, 73 from Bucovina via ISS
TA1BM YO8RAA-5 04/21 09:28:00z Reply Hello Mircea via ISS 73
YO8RAA-5 TA1BM 04/21 07:54:27z Send another hello & 73 de Mircea
TA1BM YO8RAA-5 04/16 11:08:35z Reply hi via ISS 73
YO8RAA-5 TA1BM 04/16 11:05:13z Send another hello from Istanbul 73
YO8RAA-5 SAT 03/21 08:54:21z Send another Hello to all . 73 Mircea
YO8RAA-5 EMAIL 03/17 12:02:43z Send another yo8raa@yahoo.com
YO8RAA-5 Heard 03/17 12:02:37z Send another YO8RAA-6,IR0UGN-1