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YO8RAA EA3RO 05/16 05:55:30z Send another Hello Ricard, tnx for message. 73 Mircea
EA3RO YO8RAA 05/15 23:12:43z Reply Hi!! 73! Ricard from JN11DW
YO8RAA DL3RCE 05/14 11:37:41z Send another hello
DL3RCE YO8RAA 05/14 07:05:00z Reply query{23
YO8RAA Heard 05/14 05:31:36z Send another YO8RAA-3,OE6PWE,YO8RAA-5
YO8RAA Heard 05/14 05:30:14z Send another YO8RAA-3,OE6PWE
YO8RAA EA3RO 05/11 16:26:11z Send another hello from north YO, 73 Mircea
YO8RAA YO3IXW-7 05/11 04:58:08z Send another salut. ai cont in lotw? vreau legatura confirmata 73
YO3IXW-7 YO8RAA 05/11 04:55:32z Reply salutare{23
YO8RAA UA1ZFG-4 05/08 05:53:09z Send another pse send email, tnx qso dsw
UA1ZFG-4 YO8RAA 05/08 04:13:59z Reply 73 Vadim KO46VA Pskov Region of Russia
YO8RAA EMAIL 05/06 14:16:12z Send another yo8raa@yahoo.com 73 Mircea
YO8RAA Heard 05/06 07:42:25z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5,OE6PWE,RN3DDW-6,EW1ES-6,SV3CIX-2
YO8RAA DL8DR 05/06 07:39:21z Send another hello Gerd 73 from north YO
DL8DR YO8RAA 05/06 07:37:58z Reply Hello from Hamburg, Gerd, DL8DR, JO43WL
YO8RAA IK8XLD 05/05 16:25:05z Send another Hello Rocco. 599 via PSAT. 73 Mircea YO8RAA
YO8RAA Heard 05/05 16:24:35z Send another YO8RAA-5,YO8RAA-3
IK8XLD YO8RAA 05/05 05:17:34z Reply TNX so mutch for contact
IK8XLD YO8RAA 05/05 05:17:09z Reply Hello Mircea 599 via iss 73 Rocco
YO8RAA IK8XLD 05/05 05:16:15z Send another Hello Rocco. 599 via ISS. 73 Mircea YO8RAA
IK8XLD YO8RAA 05/05 05:12:14z Reply Hello Mircea, Via INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION * 73 Rocco IK8XLD
YO8RAA IK8XLD 05/04 18:34:20z Send another Hello Rocco via NO-84. 73 Mircea
IK8XLD YO8RAA 05/04 16:52:22z Reply Hello Mircea, Via N0-84 Satellite * 73 Rocco IK8XLD
YO8RAA IK8XLD 05/04 07:49:48z Send another Hello Rocco via ISS. 73 Mircea
YO8RAA IK8XDL 05/04 06:12:11z Send another Hello Rocco. 73 Mircea
YO8RAA IK8XLD 05/04 06:05:58z Send another Try connecting today via ISS and NO-84
YO8RAA SA0BSV 05/03 07:40:57z Send another tnx & 73 from KN27sm
YO8RAA G7HCE-7 05/03 07:39:45z Send another hello David, 73 from north Romania
SA0BSV YO8RAA 05/03 07:02:43z Reply 59 in Sweden 73
G7HCE-7 YO8RAA 05/02 17:57:35z Reply Hi de G7HCE via PSAT - IO80GR{1
YO8RAA Heard 05/02 11:05:42z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5,YO8RAA-9
YO8RAA DL3RCE 05/02 06:19:02z Send another tnx dr Dieter, 73
DL3RCE YO8RAA 05/02 06:16:58z Reply 73 de Dieter{93
YO8RAA Heard 04/30 08:02:02z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5,SA0BSV
YO8RAA DO6WAB 04/30 06:27:35z Send another tnx & 73 Mircea
YO8RAA Heard 04/30 06:26:13z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5,SP7U-6
DO6WAB YO8RAA 04/30 06:24:38z Reply 59 QSL 73 de DO6WAB
SQ9IWS-9 YO8RAA 04/29 15:18:17z Reply OK, 73!{6
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 15:02:42z Send another I want you to be without adventure in Poland. 73's Mircea
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 15:02:00z Send another I hope it was a beautiful expedition in ER.
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 14:57:41z Send another http://kingpopiel.tripod.com/polish/frames1.htm
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 14:57:18z Send another ... in this link:
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 14:55:23z Send another OK. When you get home please read about my family ...
SQ9IWS-9 YO8RAA 04/29 14:48:41z Reply we took other road, just to make our journey more adventuouros{5
SQ9IWS-9 YO8RAA 04/29 14:47:08z Reply yes, we so your antennas on the right hand side{4
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 14:46:18z Send another Now you've been under my HF antennas ... near the PENNY mall
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 14:25:56z Send another Welcome back to Campulung, the capital of county Bucovina
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 13:37:05z Send another Campulung Mold., Pojorata, Vatra Dornei, Bistrita...
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 13:36:13z Send another Follow this route: Gura Humorului, Frasin, Vama,
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 13:33:13z Send another Did you get the wrong way?
SQ9IWS-9 YO8RAA 04/29 12:47:27z Reply TNX, 73!{3
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/29 12:00:49z Send another I see in map hi.. Dobra podróż do domu, 73 Mircea
YO8RAA YO3IXW-7 04/29 11:58:48z Send another multumesc 73 de Mircea
SQ9IWS-9 YO8RAA 04/29 11:35:09z Reply hello, we are go to home{2
YO8RAA TA1FL-6 04/29 11:19:45z Send another easy fly, 73 de Mircea
YO8RAA TA1FL 04/29 11:16:19z Send another easy fly 73 de Mircea
YO3IXW-7 YO8RAA 04/29 08:56:09z Reply 73{21
YO8RAA UA1ZFG-4 04/29 07:21:59z Send another 73 dr Vadim
UA1ZFG-4 YO8RAA 04/29 07:19:04z Reply 73 VADIM KO46VA
YO8RAA DL3RCE 04/29 07:17:45z Send another hello dr Dieter & 73
DL3RCE YO8RAA 04/29 07:15:22z Reply gm, cq heard ,73 de Dieter{83
YO8RAA YO3GXC 04/29 05:40:36z Send another te salut Doru, 73
YO8RAA Heard 04/28 11:23:38z Send another YO8RAA-4,YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5,TA1BM
YO8RAA Heard 04/27 12:13:11z Send another YO8RAA-3
YO8RAA DL3RCE 04/27 12:12:53z Send another hello Dieter, tnx msg via satellite
DL3RCE YO8RAA 04/27 08:58:32z Reply gm 73 de Dieter aus Hexenagger{78
YO8RAA Heard 04/25 18:27:17z Send another YO8RAA-5
YO8RAA UA1ZFG-4 04/25 12:32:14z Send another Vadim pse verify your LAT&LOG in map, tnx
YO8RAA UA1ZFG-4 04/25 12:26:59z Send another hello Vadim
UA1ZFG-4 YO8RAA 04/25 12:24:59z Reply 73 TU RUSSIA FRON VADIM
YO8RAA Heard 04/25 12:22:08z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5
YO8RAA BLN 04/25 10:44:41z Send another _educational project APRS, 73 Mircea
YO8RAA Heard 04/25 07:34:43z Send another YO8RAA-9,YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5
YO8RAA Heard 04/25 07:32:03z Send another YO8RAA-9,YO8RAA-3
YO8RAA Heard 04/23 07:43:44z Send another YO8RAA-4,YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-5,YO8RAA-2,YO8RAA-1,YO8RAA-6,RN3DDW-6
SQ9IWS-9 YO8RAA 04/22 13:14:46z Reply thank's have a nice weeķend! 73!{1
YO8RAA Heard 04/22 11:46:38z Send another YO8RAA-4,YO8RAA-3
YO8RAA SQ9IWS-9 04/22 08:52:53z Send another you are welcome in Bucovina
YO8RAA SQ6NLN-9 04/19 14:28:07z Send another hello via ISS
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/19 14:25:14z Send another YO8RAA-12,YO8RAA-3,RA3GGW-2
SQ6NLN-9 YO8RAA 04/19 14:22:59z Reply 73{26
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/19 09:33:28z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-12,OH2FQV
YO8RAA II0IAA 04/19 09:33:16z Send another tnx 73 via ISS
II0IAA YO8RAA 04/19 09:30:43z Reply Via ISS with II0IAAR/8 Special Call - AWARD - www.amsat.it
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/18 15:19:13z Send another YO8RAA-12,YO8RAA-3,RV4CQ
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/18 10:27:16z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-9,YO8RAA-12
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/18 08:49:04z Send another YO8RAA-3,YO8RAA-9
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/17 16:08:39z Send another YO8RAA-12,YO8RAA-3
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/16 12:11:16z Send another YO8RAA-9,YO8RAA-11,YO8RAA-3,OK2MEZ,YO8RAA-12
YO8RAA SAT 04/16 12:10:04z Send another Hello to all . 73 Mircea
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/16 12:09:34z Send another YO8RAA-9,YO8RAA-11,YO8RAA-3,OK2MEZ
YO8RAA BLNQSL1/1 04/01 09:09:02z Send another YO8RAA-10,YO8RAA-2