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E24TVS-2 YB3MBN 07/10 13:34:02z Reply Dirgahayu Ke-51 ORARI 9 July 2019
E24TVS-2 YB3MBN 07/09 13:11:21z Reply Dirgahayu Ke-51 ORARI 9 July 201
E24TVS-2 YB3MBN 07/08 00:35:06z Reply ningnong_kung@hotmail.com
E24TVS-2 YB3MBN 07/06 01:30:57z Reply Have a good day
E24TVS-2 YB3MBN 07/05 01:11:18z Reply CQ WW VHF CONTEST 2019 NHR TEAM OK17IU 20-21 July 2019
YD0NXX YB3MBN 07/04 13:04:01z Reply apa kabar
YB3MBN E24TVS-2 07/04 05:10:16z Send another Thank you, Sir. best 73 de YB3MBN
E24TVS-2 YB3MBN 07/01 13:41:13z Reply E24TVS Your 59 Good Luck Thank you
YD1SCC YB3MBN 06/26 13:33:06z Reply Thank You and 73's
YD1SCC YB3MBN 06/25 13:07:43z Reply You Are 5/9 QSL and 73's