XE3ARV messages

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XE3ARV DU6DKL-11 11/10 15:37:38z Send another Hi hi is good too !!
W4JHM-6 XE3ARV 11/10 03:28:05z Reply Good evening
DU6DKL-11 XE3ARV 11/09 14:31:00z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
XE3ARV DU6DKL-11 11/09 14:30:58z Send another Thank !
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/09 12:40:49z Reply [AA] qsl de n1rcn el87{43
XE3ARV N1RCN 11/09 12:40:46z Send another QSL{43
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/09 12:40:21z Reply [AA] qsl de n1rcn el87{42
XE3ARV N1RCN 11/09 12:40:17z Send another GM{42
KE4AZZ-6 XE3ARV 11/08 13:28:57z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{8
XE3ARV N1RCN 11/08 13:28:35z Send another qsl ??{41
DU6DKL-11 XE3ARV 11/07 06:00:40z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl{00
XE3ARV N1RCN 11/06 15:07:30z Send another 73{40
XE3ARV PS7JAP 11/06 13:39:07z Send another Hello Jose !! thank you, QRV too by FO-29
XE3ARV W4JHM-6 11/06 13:31:32z Send another qsl{39
W4JHM-6 XE3ARV 11/04 15:08:39z Reply QSL - 73!!
XE3ARV W4JHM-6 11/04 15:08:20z Send another 73s{37
XE3ARV W4JHM-6 11/04 15:06:29z Send another qsl ??{36
PS7JAP XE3ARV 11/03 16:08:12z Reply GOOD AFTERNOON .... 73! .... JOSE / BRAZIL{36
XE3ARV N1RCN 11/03 15:57:21z Send another 73S{34
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/03 15:56:43z Reply [AA] qsl de n1rcn el87{33
XE3ARV N1RCN 11/03 15:56:40z Send another GM{33
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/03 15:56:30z Reply good morning
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/03 15:55:16z Reply good morning
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/03 15:54:08z Reply de n1rcn EL87 Florida
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/02 16:44:09z Reply qsl and 73 from Florida
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/02 16:43:43z Reply good afternoon
N1RCN XE3ARV 11/02 16:43:35z Reply de n1rcn via iss
XE3ARV N1RCN 10/29 16:53:11z Send another QSL .... tks for call me
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/29 16:44:37z Reply de n1rcn EL87 Florida
XE3ARV N1RCN 10/28 17:33:50z Send another QSL{27
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/28 17:33:34z Reply QSL-gotcha
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/25 18:23:28z Reply [AA] Thanks for the contact ! de n1rcn el87{24
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/25 18:20:40z Reply de n1rcn EL87 QSL?
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/25 18:20:30z Reply [AA] Thanks for the contact ! de n1rcn el87{22
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/24 19:09:34z Reply >good afternoon
W4JHM-6 XE3ARV 10/24 19:09:25z Reply Heard you via ISS in Edgewater, FL EL98
XE3ARV N1RCN 10/20 20:48:29z Send another tks too and 73s{20
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/20 20:47:55z Reply [AA] Thanks for the contact ! de n1rcn el87{19
XE3ARV N1RCN 10/20 20:47:51z Send another 73s{19
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/20 20:47:28z Reply de n1rcn EL87 QSL?