WD9EWK-9 messages

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WD9EWK-9 K7TEJ-5 03/13 13:08:10z Send another rgr 73 {10
K7TEJ-5 WD9EWK-9 03/13 13:02:11z Reply hope to work you on AO-91 73{1
N2IX-4 WD9EWK-9 02/16 22:23:51z Reply yes{0P}8
N2IX-4 WD9EWK-9 02/16 22:23:34z Reply Uriel and I are in DMR Sonora TG{0O}8
KO6KL-11 WD9EWK-9 02/16 20:43:12z Reply safe trip{BJ}
WD9EWK-9 KO6KL-11 02/16 20:29:56z Send another tnx 73 {9
KO6KL-11 WD9EWK-9 02/16 19:11:52z Reply ?APRSP
N2IX-4 WD9EWK-9 02/16 18:43:51z Reply I see ypiu leaving Yuma{0N}8
WD9EWK-9 N2IX-4 02/16 16:53:17z Send another hola{8
N2IX-4 WD9EWK-9 02/16 16:52:26z Reply I see ypiu leaving Yuma{0N}
KF7R-9 WD9EWK-9 01/21 22:16:59z Reply 73 Pat, safe travels{1
WD9EWK-9 KA7KDX-6 01/21 19:44:43z Send another hi nice to work you on sats earlier 73 {7
WD9EWK-9 N7JY 01/21 16:24:59z Send another hi {6
WD9EWK-9 N7ZEV 01/21 15:10:22z Send another hi Frank! {5
WD9EWK-9 N7JY 01/21 13:58:01z Send another hi {4