WD9EWK messages

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KC7MG-9 WD9EWK 07/22 18:31:22z Reply ACK Thanks [UISS]{04
WD9EWK VE7CUU 07/20 19:37:28z Send another Hi! DM35/45 in AZ {1
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 07/20 19:36:08z Send another Hi! DM35/45 in AZ {0
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 07/20 19:35:43z Reply Using Kenwood HT & Arrow antenna{34
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 07/20 19:35:40z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{33
WD9EWK ALL 07/20 13:31:47z Send another Using TH-D74A/Elk log periodic {1
NP4JV WD9EWK 07/20 05:23:37z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
WD9EWK NP4JV 07/20 05:23:34z Send another DM43 {2
NP4JV WD9EWK 07/20 05:23:24z Reply Hello from DM41, Arizona
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 07/20 05:22:54z Send another hi DM43 {1
WD9EWK N6DAN-7 07/20 05:22:52z Send another DM43 hi {0
WD9EWK KB6IGK 07/20 02:46:54z Send another DM43 {4
WD9EWK NP4JV-9 07/20 02:45:42z Send another DM43 {1
NP4JV-9 WD9EWK 07/20 02:45:32z Reply TNX FER QSO 73{1
WD9EWK CG7CEW 07/20 02:45:28z Send another DM43 {0
KB1ZGF WD9EWK 07/19 19:39:33z Reply Greetings from New Hampshire USA!{1
PSAT WD9EWK 07/19 04:59:04z Reply SSW^19 SSE LOS 4m18s{WH}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/19 04:57:59z Send another dm43bn{1
CG7CEW WD9EWK 07/19 04:54:23z Reply qsl de CG7CEW CN89
PSAT WD9EWK 07/18 20:43:21z Reply N^19 NNE LOS 4m2s{WE}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/18 20:43:20z Send another dm33vn{1
WD9EWK ALL 07/18 19:05:12z Send another Using TH-D74A/Elk log periodic {0
WD0AKO-7 WD9EWK 07/16 07:20:12z Reply Morning{35
WD9EWK KK6QMS 07/16 07:17:30z Send another next wknd{3
KK6QMS WD9EWK 07/16 07:17:19z Reply 73
KK6QMS WD9EWK 07/16 07:16:24z Reply anyone heard SSTV yet?
WD9EWK KE6BLR-1 07/16 07:16:13z Send another anyone there? {1
KK6QMS WD9EWK 07/16 07:15:24z Reply Greetings from Venice Beach , CA
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 07/15 14:38:21z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{8
KC9ZUN WD9EWK 07/15 13:01:31z Reply De KC9ZUN EN52va{0T}
KC9ZUN WD9EWK 07/09 16:40:57z Reply Seen via ISS{0P}
WD9EWK KO6RM-7 07/08 17:31:53z Send another Hi Jeremy! At home in DM43 {1
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 07/08 17:30:28z Reply Using Kenwood HT & Arrow antenna{61
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 07/08 17:30:04z Send another Hi Mark! At home in DM43 {0
WD0AKO-7 WD9EWK 07/08 12:41:41z Reply Hi from EN16{27
WD0AKO-7 WD9EWK 07/08 12:40:36z Reply Hi from EN16{28
KG6FIY-9 WD9EWK 07/05 01:04:11z Reply 73 de KG6FIY DM03{75
KC9YTT WD9EWK 07/04 17:47:43z Reply Happy 4th!
KC9YTT WD9EWK 07/04 17:47:12z Reply [AA] Greetings! KC9YTT@outlook.com{00
PSAT WD9EWK 07/04 01:40:40z Reply W^32 NW^47 NE LOS 7m19s{FC}
PSAT WD9EWK 07/04 01:36:55z Reply WSW^29 NW^47 NE LOS 7m35s{FB}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/04 01:36:54z Send another DM43{0
K0FFY WD9EWK 07/03 00:34:46z Reply Hi from IA! QSL?{61
KB6IGK WD9EWK 07/02 19:32:12z Reply Happy 4th de TX!{1
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 07/02 19:31:53z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{36
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 07/02 02:47:09z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{27
K3RLD-1 WD9EWK 07/02 01:10:18z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{17
KB6IGK WD9EWK 07/02 01:07:39z Reply TNX 73!{4
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 07/01 20:26:15z Send another Hi! DM33/43 in AZ {4
KB6LTY-3 WD9EWK 07/01 20:25:54z Reply HELLO PATRICK tnx 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY
K5UBQ WD9EWK 07/01 20:25:21z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS thanks for the call
K6VUG WD9EWK 07/01 20:21:27z Reply 73 de K6VUG CM97 [UISS]{00
KF1BUZ-2 WD9EWK 06/30 21:15:01z Reply think i am fixed
K6TDI-7 WD9EWK 06/30 03:51:56z Reply RRR 73 K6TDI{60
K6TDI-7 WD9EWK 06/30 03:50:53z Reply RRR 73 K6TDI{61
N6UA-9 WD9EWK 06/30 02:15:03z Reply Hi Patrick, TNX 4 QSO - Doug{53
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 06/30 02:09:43z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{3
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 06/30 02:09:02z Reply Using Kenwood HT & Arrow antenna{2
WD9EWK W5SAT-6 06/29 14:00:28z Send another hi brad TNX/73! {5
W5SAT-6 WD9EWK 06/29 14:00:04z Reply Hi Stranger. 73{AC}
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 06/29 13:59:45z Reply Using Kenwood HT & Arrow antenna{91
KC5ILO-6 WD9EWK 06/25 22:26:08z Reply DM43 in AZ {6
WD9EWK KC5ILO-6 06/25 22:25:48z Send another DM43 in AZ {4
KB6LTY-3 WD9EWK 06/25 22:24:42z Reply tnx 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY
KF1BUZ-3 WD9EWK 06/25 22:23:50z Reply hey doood{CZ}
KF1BUZ WD9EWK 06/25 22:23:13z Reply got ya loud n clear
WD9EWK CG7CEW 06/25 22:22:35z Send another DM43 in AZ {1
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 06/25 22:22:33z Send another DM43 in AZ {0
AI6DO-7 WD9EWK 06/25 13:46:22z Reply 2B LAX de AI6DO {15
WD9EWK W7UF 06/24 23:17:58z Send another 1B AZ in DM35 {2
WD9EWK NP4JV-9 06/24 23:17:24z Send another TNX for call. 1B AZ in DM35 {4
NP4JV-9 WD9EWK 06/24 23:16:22z Reply 1BAZ QSL?{1
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 06/24 23:16:07z Send another TNX for call. 1B AZ in DM35 {3
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 06/24 23:15:38z Reply Using Kenwood HT & Arrow antenna{63
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 06/24 23:14:59z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{61
W5PAA WD9EWK 06/24 21:41:19z Reply W5PAA 2A/OK EM15{7
WD9EWK N7V 06/24 21:38:50z Send another 1B AZ in DM35 {4
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 06/24 13:37:14z Reply Are You on Digi Patricio?{33
WD9EWK KC5QFL-7 06/22 00:18:23z Send another Hi! DM43 in AZ {4
KB6LTY-3 WD9EWK 06/22 00:15:37z Reply HELLO tERRI 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 06/20 15:25:46z Reply Hola Patricio!!{28
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 06/19 01:17:29z Send another TNX/73! {3
KK6OTJ-7 WD9EWK 06/19 01:16:56z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{35
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 06/19 01:16:37z Send another TNX/73! {1
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 06/19 01:16:10z Send another Hi! DM43 in AZ {2
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 06/19 01:15:03z Send another Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
WD9EWK KF0G-9 06/18 18:45:33z Send another Hi! DM43 in AZ {5
WD9EWK KF1BUZ 06/18 18:45:08z Send another Hi! DM43 in AZ {3
KC9YTT WD9EWK 06/18 17:12:12z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's [UISS]{00
KC9YTT WD9EWK 06/18 17:11:34z Reply [AA] Greetings! KC9YTT@outlook.com{03
KC7MG-7 WD9EWK 06/18 17:11:26z Reply grid dm42 arizon{96
WD9EWK KK6OTJ-7 06/18 17:09:16z Send another Hi! DM43 in AZ {1
K6TDI-7 WD9EWK 06/18 02:07:24z Reply K6TDI DM13hw QSL?{53
WD9EWK K6TDI-7 06/17 18:03:44z Send another TNX/73! {9
W7QL WD9EWK 06/17 18:02:58z Reply cuCU ON FD
K6TDI-7 WD9EWK 06/17 18:02:19z Reply RRR 73 K6TDI{49
W7QL WD9EWK 06/17 18:02:06z Reply HI PATRICK
WD9EWK W7QL 06/17 18:01:39z Send another Hi! DM33/43 in AZ {7
KC7MG-7 WD9EWK 06/17 18:00:59z Reply grid dm42 arizonam{75