W5IPA-7 messages

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W5IPA-7 CQ 11/19 01:46:09z Send another W5IPA,FN41,CAPE COD{4
K4KDR-6 W5IPA-7 11/17 01:53:37z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
WA1GOV-10 W5IPA-7 11/12 17:27:02z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
W5IPA-7 WA1GOV-10 11/12 17:26:16z Send another HI FROM PSAT,WORK THE SATS{Z
W5IPA-7 WA1GOV-10 11/11 11:56:32z Send another HI FROM ISS ,WORK THE SATS{V
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/10 11:13:27z Send another HI.{R
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/10 11:12:10z Send another HI.{Q
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/07 16:02:09z Send another HI.{O
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/07 11:10:14z Send another 0{L
W5IPA-7 K0KOC-7 11/06 18:22:44z Send another HI{I
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/06 18:20:24z Send another GOOD_AFTERNOON{H
W5IPA-7 SMSGTE 11/05 13:59:26z Send another @7819015323 TEXT FROM PSAT ,IT WORKS{F
KE4AZZ W5IPA-7 11/04 14:54:34z Reply qsl de ke4azz 73{BO}
KC9YTT W5IPA-7 11/04 14:48:26z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
W5IPA-7 KE4AZZ 11/04 14:48:25z Send another 73{A
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/03 20:25:41z Send another 1{6
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 19:32:15z Send another LIVE_OP{0
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 19:31:34z Send another LIVE_OP{Z
SMSGTE W5IPA-7 11/02 14:44:06z Reply @2516483175 You are a slacker. Got the bones for a tape measure yag{M9203
W5IPA-7 SMSGTE 11/02 14:38:06z Send another @2516483175 TEXT FRM PSAT{Y
W5IPA-7 SMSGTE 11/02 14:35:25z Send another @2516483175 TEXT FRM ISS{W
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 13:20:56z Send another LIVE_OP{U
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 13:19:44z Send another LIVE_OP{T
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 13:01:23z Send another LIVE{R
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 13:01:22z Send another LIVE{P
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/02 13:00:41z Send another LIVE OP{Q
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/01 20:13:43z Send another 0{O
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/01 20:11:57z Send another 00{M
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/01 20:11:53z Send another 00{N
W5IPA-7 CQ 11/01 20:10:55z Send another 00{L
W5IPA-7 CQ 10/31 20:52:31z Send another LISTENING{H
W5IPA-7 CQ 10/31 19:19:13z Send another LIVE OP:){F
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/31 17:49:27z Reply Test local RF
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/31 00:29:49z Reply Test 2
W5IPA-7 W5IPA-5 10/31 00:28:40z Send another HI{C
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/31 00:24:53z Reply Phone to rf test
NZ4D W5IPA-7 10/30 23:04:58z Reply Hey there from NC!{GE}
W5IPA-7 CQ 10/30 15:05:54z Send another FN41sr{8
W5IPA-7 N1RCW-1 10/21 18:41:10z Send another RX Ok,REPLY SOON
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/21 16:59:42z Reply Sounds good
N1RCW-1 W5IPA-7 10/21 16:13:47z Reply [AA] Rx'd ok,Reply later{06
W5IPA-7 N1RCW-1 10/21 16:13:42z Send another hk{4
W5IPA-7 W5IPA-5 10/21 16:13:42z Send another g5{3
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/21 16:12:30z Reply Testing network
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/21 12:45:04z Reply HT test
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/21 02:03:53z Reply Test #2
W5IPA-5 W5IPA-7 10/21 01:54:43z Reply Test W5IPA