W0ARP-15 messages

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W0ARP-15 BLN0QSLs 05/25 05:17:18z Send another KK6QMS,KB6LTY
W0ARP-15 BLN0QSLs 05/25 05:14:39z Send another KK6QMS
W0ARP-15 BLN0QSLs 05/22 12:46:09z Send another KF1BUZ,W1FJC,N8XYR,KC9YTT,WB5PJB,WB5PJB-9
W0ARP-15 BLN0QSLs 05/22 04:39:34z Send another WB5PJB,K7TAB-7,KF1BUZ
KJ4HRM W0ARP-15 05/22 04:37:38z Reply 59 from Dyersburg, Tn - EM56 - KJ4HRM
K7TAB-7 W0ARP-15 05/22 04:36:01z Reply Hi de Chris {37
W0ARP-15 BLN0QSLs 05/22 03:04:21z Send another PSAT-1,KJ4HRM,AJ5C-3,K0FFY
W0ARP-15 BLN0QSLs 05/22 03:04:04z Send another PSAT-1,KJ4HRM,AJ5C-3
KK6OTJ-7 W0ARP-15 05/21 13:37:24z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{26
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/21 12:07:00z Reply hey adam, heard you just couldn't respond fast enough
WD9EWK W0ARP-15 05/21 03:55:17z Reply Hi! EN70/80 in OH {3
K1WY W0ARP-15 05/20 11:18:16z Reply rej00
W0ARP-15 K1WY 05/20 11:18:12z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS{00
W0ARP-15 KK6OTJ-7 05/20 11:12:27z Send another Hey Mark, Gated you 2017-05-20 01:20:20 CDT
KK6OTJ-7 W0ARP-15 05/20 06:20:20z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{19
WD9EWK W0ARP-15 05/20 04:46:42z Reply Hi! EM79 on IN/OH border {2
W0ARP-15 BLN 05/18 18:29:25z Send another SatGate UISS and WX3in1
W0ARP-15 BLN 05/18 02:28:09z Send another SatGate UISS
KK6OTJ-7 W0ARP-15 05/14 14:47:47z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{88
W0ARP-15 KK6QMS 05/14 08:24:03z Send another Guys got to Sleep :)
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/14 08:21:43z Reply down with automated ISS activity!
W0ARP-15 KK6QMS 05/14 08:21:41z Send another Hi, I'm live most the time
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/14 08:19:29z Reply are you live or robot?
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/14 08:18:01z Reply Greetings from Venice Beach , CA
W0ARP-15 BLN 05/13 15:49:23z Send another SatGate UISS AddOn active
W0ARP-15 KC9YTT 05/13 14:08:52z Send another Only RF to Internet Service!
KC9YTT W0ARP-15 05/13 14:08:52z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's [UISS]{00
W8LR W0ARP-15 05/13 12:33:30z Reply 599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry{40
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/13 12:32:42z Reply Hi from MN! QSL?{49
W0ARP-15 WD9EWK 05/13 04:41:39z Send another IQSL and 73 via ISS
WD9EWK W0ARP-15 05/13 04:41:17z Reply TNX/73! {5
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/13 01:27:14z Reply QSL. TNX/73!{44
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/12 20:29:00z Reply Hi from IA! QSL?{36
RS0ISS W0ARP-15 05/12 11:56:56z Reply Pretty quiet dn here?
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/12 03:36:45z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{35
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/11 14:16:28z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{20
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/11 14:16:24z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{19
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/10 16:40:56z Reply Greetings from Venice Beach , CA 73
K9JKM W0ARP-15 05/10 15:08:30z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
W0ARP-15 BLNQSL1/1 05/10 04:40:06z Send another K0FFY,WB8TVD,WB5PJB
W0ARP-15 WB5PJB 05/10 04:36:03z Send another Hi Gary !
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/10 03:03:07z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{9
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/10 03:02:32z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{10
K0FFY W0ARP-15 05/10 03:01:30z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{11
W2THC W0ARP-15 05/09 20:30:07z Reply -Hello de W2THC via ARISS - FN20wc-
W0ARP-15 NWS 05/09 20:28:07z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
KC7MG-9 W0ARP-15 05/09 17:36:36z Reply QSL and 73 from DM42 Arizona
KC7MG-9 W0ARP-15 05/09 17:35:59z Reply greetings from Az DM42
W0ARP-15 RS0ISS 05/07 14:30:00z Send another ?APRSP
CQSRVR W0ARP-15 05/07 14:28:21z Reply Not member of any group.{9J}CJ
ANSRVR W0ARP-15 05/07 14:28:21z Reply No Memberships
W0ARP-15 CQSRVR 05/07 14:28:20z Send another L{CJ}
W0ARP-15 ANSRVR 05/07 14:28:20z Send another L{CI}