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VK4GO VK4EM 07/23 21:48:20z Reply hello{92
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/23 20:56:55z Send another I did sent some info to sats@usna.edu see if they reply??
VK4EM Heard 07/23 20:52:13z Send another PSAT2-1,AISAT-1{UISS54}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/22 10:25:07z Reply NE^38 E LOS 6m44s{MX}
VK4EM VK4LV 07/22 10:23:40z Send another Hello Rod VK4LV thank--you for the contact!!
VK4EM PSAT2 07/22 10:22:47z Send another My antenna is 9 element Yagi at 7 meters rig is FT847 extra Preamp :-
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/22 10:21:22z Reply NNE^42 NNE^42 E LOS 8m9s{MW}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/22 10:15:46z Reply NW^9 NNE^42 E LOS 13m45s{MV}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/22 08:44:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{MU}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/22 08:41:01z Reply Please Beacon Position{MT}
VK4EM PSAT2 07/22 08:41:00z Send another Maybe Spring is not far off better weather here but no rain !!
VK4GO VK4EM 07/22 00:30:21z Reply test{82
VK4EM DB0LUH-1 07/22 00:13:34z Send another Hello from Australia 73's all the best !!
VK4EM VK5HDT-10 07/21 10:22:53z Send another My first contact on Psat2 Yahoo thanks Rod!!
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/21 10:20:47z Reply Please Beacon Position{MP}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/20 13:48:18z Reply SSW^84 S^84 E LOS 6m41s{MH}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/20 13:44:33z Reply W^21 S^84 E LOS 10m16s{MG}
VK4EM Heard 07/20 13:41:55z Send another PSAT2,VK2OB-6{UISS54}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/20 13:40:48z Reply Please Beacon Position{MF}
VK4EM PSAT2 07/20 13:37:59z Send another I have been calling CQ on Psat2 but there is no one around ??
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/20 13:37:03z Reply Please Beacon Position{ME}
VK4EM PSAT2 07/20 13:37:02z Send another CQ VK4EM calling CQ VK4EM MERV !!
VK4EM Heard 07/19 13:42:52z Send another PSAT2,VK5HDT-10{UISS54}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/19 13:41:58z Reply WNW^74 NNE^86 E LOS 6m58s{LV}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/19 13:38:13z Reply W^8 NNE^86 E LOS 12m20s{LU}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/19 13:34:27z Reply W^3 NNE^86 E LOS 13m34s{LT}
VK4EM PSAT2 07/19 13:34:27z Send another Hello VK4LV Rod and VK4FAAF Jason SWLing on the side!!!
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/19 12:01:39z Reply Please Beacon Position{LS}
VK4EM Heard 07/19 12:00:26z Send another PSAT2{UISS54}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/19 11:57:53z Reply Please Beacon Position{LR}
PSAT2 VK4EM 07/19 11:51:45z Reply Please Beacon Position{LQ}
VK4EM PSAT2 07/19 11:51:41z Send another Hello Via Psat2 VK4EM@skymesh.com.au Email QSL ??
VK2GTS-7 VK4EM 07/08 10:27:48z Reply Heard you via RS0ISS @ 10:08:54z de VK2GTS QF68kw{1
VK2GTS-6 VK4EM 07/08 10:11:14z Reply heard u via iss{1
VK4EM BLNQSL1/1 07/07 10:56:54z Send another RS0ISS,VK2EVB{UISS53}
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/07 09:19:50z Send another Hello VK4FAAF Jason how do you receive ISS Packet <(+!+)>
WA4UKX-3 VK4EM 07/06 02:26:51z Reply Hello from South Carolina. 73{1
WA4UKX-3 VK4EM 07/06 02:18:00z Reply Hello from South Carolina....de wa4ukx
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/06 01:59:39z Send another Hello World from Australia VK4EM Merv....<( + +)>
WA4UKX-3 VK4EM 07/06 00:31:47z Reply Hello from South Carolina. Via ISS. 73
DB0LUH-1 VK4EM 06/29 06:08:50z Reply rejUISS53}
VK4EM BLNQSL1/1 06/29 06:08:50z Send another RS0ISS{UISS53}
ISS VK4EM 06/29 06:06:47z Reply W^9 SW^18 SSE LOS 7m33s{JN}
VK4EM RS0ISS 06/29 04:33:19z Send another Hello from Springside Australia VK4EM Merv :-)
VK4EM ISS-10 06/28 05:22:02z Send another All the Very Best for 2019 from VK4EM Merv....