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VE7NV-7 VA7NCD 06/21 03:51:40z Reply I'm liking that space shuttle{18
VA7NCD VE7NV-7 06/21 03:41:28z Send another Hi Tak! Nice evening!{0
VE7NV-7 VA7NCD 06/21 03:24:14z Reply hello to Nick{17
VA7NCD VE7WV-10 06/20 02:52:37z Send another Hi Mike!{0
VA7GOV VA7NCD 06/03 04:16:42z Reply hi!{31
VA7GOV VA7NCD 06/03 04:16:31z Reply ?APRSP
VE7LSE VA7NCD 05/08 03:52:58z Reply cool{24
VA7NCD VE7LSE 05/08 03:40:50z Send another listening in now{1
VA7NCD VE7LSE 05/08 03:33:55z Send another nice. busy at the park w/ dog ;){0
VE7LSE VA7NCD 05/08 03:32:47z Reply trunk{23
VE7LSE VA7NCD 05/08 03:31:10z Reply net on{22
VE3FRE-8 VA7NCD 04/24 16:52:12z Reply Hi!{97
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/20 03:15:51z Send another busy playing fetch :){4
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 03:14:30z Reply thx. feel free to check in{16
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/20 03:10:32z Send another monitoring it now{3
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 03:08:55z Reply it is Tech net on 145.35 T127.3 {15
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/20 03:07:36z Send another struggling w/ callsigns net?{2
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 02:57:28z Reply tech net at 8pm on RBY{14
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 02:57:07z Reply today was the warmest{13
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/20 02:56:49z Send another can't beat this weather!{1
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 02:55:17z Reply yes 3 days in a row{12
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/20 02:53:52z Send another Enzo is lucky this week!{0
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 02:52:49z Reply hi again as usual
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/20 02:52:48z Reply hi again as usual{11
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/19 03:46:40z Send another sounding great simplex from yaletown!{0
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/19 02:31:19z Reply I love field day.I must be the only one that send u msgs{10
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/19 02:29:26z Send another what can I say, he loves it. memories of field day too.{0
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/19 02:27:30z Reply hello again to dog park at QE park {9
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/18 03:37:07z Reply yes I'm having fun with my VoxBox. Too easy to send msgs{8
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/18 03:35:55z Send another thanks for the msg, rarely get them on aprs! have a good one!{0
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/18 03:28:54z Reply no worries. just wanted to say Hi{7
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/18 03:28:12z Send another sry, busy w the doggo!{2
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/18 03:25:46z Send another yup{1
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/18 03:24:08z Reply at the dog park I see{6
VA7NCD VE7XRS-7 04/18 03:22:34z Send another howdy!{0
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/18 03:22:07z Reply on 145.45{5
VE7XRS-7 VA7NCD 04/18 03:20:57z Reply hello there{4