PSAT messages

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PSAT N0BPI-7 07/20 03:01:31z Send another Please Beacon Position{MC}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 07/20 03:01:31z Reply Hello PSAT How is the view from up there?{18
PSAT KC1BUF-9 07/17 14:39:37z Send another AOS 1h20m (1559z) N^16{BI}
KC1BUF-9 PSAT 07/17 14:39:37z Reply radio check{83
PSAT N0BPI-7 07/17 02:51:35z Send another Please Beacon Position{BH}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 07/17 02:51:35z Reply ?APRSP
PSAT N7FMH-15 07/11 15:09:40z Send another AOS 33m46s S SE^20 NE 9m{AK}KT
N7FMH-15 PSAT 07/11 15:09:40z Reply thx{KT}
PSAT N7FMH-15 07/10 19:41:37z Send another AOS 1m47s NW N^10 NE 8m{AI}KR
N7FMH-15 PSAT 07/10 19:41:37z Reply where?{KR}
PSAT PU7ASG-5 07/03 13:41:46z Send another S^17 SE^26 NE LOS 6m1s{NY}
PU7ASG-5 PSAT 07/03 13:41:46z Reply PU7ASG HI20DI{2
PSAT ON4QI 07/02 20:35:29z Send another AOS 32m43s NW SW^39 SE 11m{NV}
ON4QI PSAT 07/02 20:35:28z Reply QSL and 73 via NO-84
PSAT G1ZRZ 06/29 18:55:34z Send another Please Beacon Position{KM}
G1ZRZ PSAT 06/29 18:55:34z Reply QTH Harrogate North Yorkshire {43
PSAT CD5DNC-5 06/12 00:23:47z Send another Please Beacon Position{CW}
CD5DNC-5 PSAT 06/12 00:20:13z Reply CQ CQ de CD5DNC{6
PSAT CD5DNC-5 06/12 00:15:53z Send another Please Beacon Position{RL}
CD5DNC-5 PSAT 06/12 00:13:34z Reply cq{5
PSAT CD5DNC-5 06/09 23:54:41z Send another AOS 1h12m (10 0106z) NW^6{QP}
CD5DNC-5 PSAT 06/09 23:54:34z Reply h{4
PSAT CD5DNC-5 06/08 16:10:31z Send another Please Beacon Position{QE}
CD5DNC-5 PSAT 06/08 16:10:31z Reply ?INFO{3
PSAT CD5DNC-5 06/08 16:08:50z Send another Please Beacon Position{QD}
CD5DNC-5 PSAT 06/08 16:08:50z Reply Beacon{2
PSAT CD5DNC-5 06/08 16:07:38z Send another Please Beacon Position{QC}
CD5DNC-5 PSAT 06/08 16:07:37z Reply CQ CQ CD5DNC{1
PSAT BLN1USA 06/07 05:35:25z Send another ENIGMA experiment - see
PSAT BLN2USA 06/07 05:33:21z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT BLN0USA 06/07 05:32:18z Send another AMSAT Enigma Event 2018 - [B/RTE] see
PSAT DU6DKL-6 06/04 04:36:41z Send another AOS 10h23m (1500z) E^62{PC}
PSAT DU6DKL 06/04 02:36:43z Send another AOS 42m23s NW SW^13 S 10m{PB}
PSAT DU6DKL-1 06/04 02:36:19z Send another AOS 42m52s NW SW^12 S 10m{PA}
DU6DKL-1 PSAT 06/04 02:36:19z Reply ?pinga?
PSAT DU6DKL-6 06/04 02:35:55z Send another AOS 43m12s NW SW^13 S 10m{OZ}
PSAT DU6DKL-1 06/03 03:04:25z Send another AOS 1h (0405z) SW^5{OT}
PSAT DU6DKL-6 06/03 03:04:06z Send another AOS 1h01m (0405z) SW^5{OS}
PSAT DU6DKL 06/03 03:03:29z Send another AOS 1h01m (0405z) SW^5{OR}
PSAT DU6DKL-6 06/02 13:07:17z Send another AOS 1h47m (1455z) SE^10{OO}
PSAT DU6DKL-1 06/02 13:06:42z Send another AOS 1h48m (1455z) SE^11{ON}
DU6DKL-1 PSAT 06/02 13:06:42z Reply ?PING?