PC1L-2 messages

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ISS PC1L-2 02/15 14:36:07z Reply SW^24 SE LOS 5m6s{KX}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/15 14:32:21z Send another 73 PC1L{36
ISS PC1L-2 02/15 09:45:39z Reply S^49 SSE^51 ENE LOS 5m45s{KT}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/15 09:41:53z Send another PC1L JO20UU{34
EA2BJM PC1L-2 02/14 15:20:22z Reply Hello. Here Miguel from Zaragoza Spain. Loc. IN91NQ.
ISS PC1L-2 02/13 14:34:26z Reply Please Beacon Position{KN}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/13 14:30:40z Send another PC1L JO20UU{30
PC1L-2 PD0RLX 02/13 14:30:03z Send another 73 PC1L JO20UU{29
ISS PC1L-2 02/12 15:22:22z Reply SSW^34 SE LOS 5m7s{JY}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/12 15:18:36z Send another PC1L JO20UU{27
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 02/11 18:44:18z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2853
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 02/11 18:14:25z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2758
ISS PC1L-2 02/11 16:10:04z Reply SSW^24 SE LOS 4m44s{JS}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/11 16:06:16z Send another PC1L JO20UU{24
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 02/11 14:29:39z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2740
PC1L-2 PD0RLX 02/11 14:29:10z Send another MSG TEST 73 PC1L{21
PC1L-2 PD0RLX 02/10 15:44:21z Send another Alles OK na die storm ? Hopenlijk wel, 73 PC1L{17 ISS COPIE
ISS PC1L-2 02/10 15:20:41z Reply SSW^63 SSW^63 ESE LOS 5m31s{JH}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/10 15:16:54z Send another T POS{18
PC1L-2 PD0LRX 02/10 15:16:31z Send another Alles OK na die storm ? Hopenlijk wel, 73 PC1L{17
ISS PC1L-2 02/10 12:06:12z Reply SW^43 SSE^68 ENE LOS 6m24s{JG}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/10 12:02:54z Send another PC1L JO20UU{16
ISS PC1L-2 02/09 16:07:30z Reply WSW^38 SSW^47 SE LOS 6m10s{JB}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/09 16:03:44z Send another PC1L JO20UU{12
ISS PC1L-2 02/08 12:04:53z Reply S^33 SSE^38 ENE LOS 6m4s{IV}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/08 12:01:02z Send another PC1L JO20UU{11
ISS PC1L-2 02/07 16:06:26z Reply WSW^70 SSW^79 ESE LOS 5m45s{IS}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/07 16:02:40z Send another PC1L JO20UU{09
PC1L-2 ISS 02/07 12:47:47z Send another PC1L JO20UU{07
ISS PC1L-2 02/05 17:41:30z Reply SW^45 SSW^47 SE LOS 5m42s{HP}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/05 17:37:43z Send another PC1L JO20UU{06
ISS PC1L-2 02/04 13:37:39z Reply SSW^24 SSE^38 ENE LOS 6m48s{GW}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/04 13:33:53z Send another PC1L JO20UU{03
ISS PC1L-2 02/03 19:16:45z Reply SSW^24 SE LOS 5m4s{GS}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/03 19:13:00z Send another PC1L JO20UU{99
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 02/02 19:09:49z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via APRS{25
ISS PC1L-2 02/02 18:27:30z Reply SW^61 SSW^63 ESE LOS 5m38s{GQ}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/02 18:23:44z Send another PC1L JO20UU{96
ISS PC1L-2 02/02 15:13:03z Reply Please Beacon Position{GO}
PC1L-2 ISS 02/02 15:09:18z Send another PC1L JO20UU{95
ISS PC1L-2 02/01 19:15:12z Reply SSW^47 SSW^47 SE LOS 5m25s{GJ}
PC1L-2 G2DS-5 02/01 19:12:22z Send another 73{94
PC1L-2 ISS 02/01 19:11:25z Send another PC1L JO20UU{93
G2DS-5 PC1L-2 02/01 19:10:48z Reply QSL, 73's and good luck!
ISS PC1L-2 01/31 20:03:20z Reply S^31 SE LOS 4m42s{FV}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/31 19:59:34z Send another PC1L JO20UU{91
ISS PC1L-2 01/29 16:46:39z Reply SW^43 SSE^68 ENE LOS 6m24s{FO}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/29 16:42:53z Send another PC1L JO20UU{87
ISS PC1L-2 01/26 17:32:51z Reply SSW^44 SSE^52 ENE LOS 6m2s{RA}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/26 17:29:05z Send another PC1L JO20UU{79
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 01/25 21:29:07z Reply Greetings from TURKEY{115
ISS PC1L-2 01/24 19:08:11z Reply WSW^71 S^84 ENE LOS 5m47s{PQ}
PC1L-2 ON2HHF 01/24 19:04:38z Send another 73{76
PC1L-2 ISS 01/24 19:04:25z Send another PC1L JO20UU{75
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 01/23 21:04:53z Reply Hi form TURKEY KM76HS 73`s via ISS
ISS PC1L-2 01/22 19:05:22z Reply Please Beacon Position{PA}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/22 19:01:37z Send another PC1L JO20UU{72
TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 01/21 23:47:35z Reply Greetings from TURKEY----
ISS PC1L-2 01/21 19:53:55z Reply Please Beacon Position{OE}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/21 19:50:08z Send another PC1L JO20UU{71
ISS PC1L-2 01/19 19:53:11z Reply SSW^27 SSE^38 ENE LOS 6m35s{NN}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/19 19:49:25z Send another PC1L JO20UU{69
ISS PC1L-2 01/18 20:41:19z Reply Please Beacon Position{NL}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/18 20:37:33z Send another PC1L JO20UU{67
ISS PC1L-2 12/28 09:26:13z Reply WSW^35 SSW^40 SE LOS 6m{IU}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/28 09:22:28z Send another PC1L JO20UU{59
ISS PC1L-2 12/28 07:50:03z Reply NW^74 N^81 E LOS 5m40s{IS}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/28 07:46:17z Send another PC1L JO20UU{58
EA6XQ-15 PC1L-2 12/26 10:59:48z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
ISS PC1L-2 12/26 09:26:12z Reply WSW^61 SSW^71 ESE LOS 5m48s{HZ}
PC1L-2 EA6XQ 12/26 09:22:56z Send another 73{55
PC1L-2 ISS 12/26 09:22:25z Send another PC1L JO20UU{54
ISS PC1L-2 12/25 10:14:56z Reply SSW^53 SSW^53 ESE LOS 5m28s{HK}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/25 10:11:10z Send another PC1L JO20UU{53
ISS PC1L-2 12/24 11:03:16z Reply SW^38 SSW^38 SE LOS 5m28s{HC}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/24 10:59:30z Send another PC1L JO20UU{52
ISS PC1L-2 12/23 10:15:31z Reply SE^81 ESE LOS 5m17s{GW}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/23 10:11:44z Send another PC1L JO20UU{51
ISS PC1L-2 12/22 11:03:31z Reply WSW^62 SSW^68 ESE LOS 5m43s{GK}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/22 10:59:45z Send another PC1L JO20UU{49
ISS PC1L-2 12/21 11:48:27z Reply SSW^51 SSW^51 ESE LOS 5m25s{FZ}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/21 11:48:27z Send another PC1L JO20UU{48
ISS PC1L-2 12/21 08:42:08z Reply ESE^71 ENE LOS 5m8s{FV}
ISS PC1L-2 12/21 08:38:21z Reply SW^63 S^80 ENE LOS 5m51s{FU}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/21 08:35:18z Send another PC1L JO20UU{45
PC1L-2 ISS 12/21 08:34:35z Send another PC1L JO20UU{44
PC1L-2 DB1DT-7 12/20 12:37:59z Send another 73{42
ISS PC1L-2 12/20 12:37:16z Reply SSW^35 SE LOS 4m56s{FS}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/20 12:37:16z Send another PC1L JO20UU{41
ISS PC1L-2 12/19 13:29:05z Reply SSW^25 SE LOS 4m40s{FR}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/19 13:25:44z Send another PC1L JO20UU{39
ISS PC1L-2 12/19 13:25:20z Reply SSW^26 SE LOS 5m5s{FQ}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/19 13:25:19z Send another PC1L JO20UU{38
ISS PC1L-2 12/19 11:49:05z Reply SE^74 ESE LOS 5m11s{FP}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/19 11:49:05z Send another PC1L JO20UU{37