ON7AMI-6 messages

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ON7AMI-6 Heard 05/22 04:56:15z Send another 2E0UUU,EA3RO{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 Heard 05/15 06:16:26z Send another EA3RO,F1ZIT,ON4KRW-6,IK1COA-2,ON4LS-6,F8NHA-6{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 G7HCE-7 05/05 17:59:37z Send another Hi tnx fer reply - 73 via PSAT
G7HCE-7 ON7AMI-6 05/04 18:29:43z Reply Hi de G7HCE via PSAT - IO80GR{1
ON7AMI-6 Heard 05/03 11:48:19z Send another ON7BRT,G7HCE-9,F4BPP{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 Heard 05/02 19:35:39z Send another OE5RPP{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 Heard 05/01 11:56:29z Send another DG1MSR,EA1BE-9,G7UZN{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 EMAIL 05/01 11:55:45z Send another luc.on5uk@skynet.be Welkom to the birds - 73 Send via ISS
ON7AMI-6 Heard 04/29 07:14:12z Send another ON7BRT,EA5FCW{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 EMAIL 04/29 07:13:49z Send another on5ex@on5ex.be 73 de ON7AMI Jean Send via ISS
ON7AMI-6 EMAIL 04/28 08:06:44z Send another jpm@on7ami.be Send via ISS
ON7AMI-6 Heard 04/27 07:24:09z Send another ON7BRT,F5SN{UISS54}
ON7BRT ON7AMI-6 04/26 08:13:46z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{28
ON7AMI-6 Heard 04/25 10:43:05z Send another S51BJ,YU7RD,YO8RAA-5,IK1COA-2{UISS54}
ON7AMI-6 Heard 04/25 10:42:53z Send another S51BJ,YU7RD,YO8RAA-5{UISS54}
M0KKA-7 ON7AMI-6 04/24 11:32:53z Reply HI DE CRIS IO91 73's{52
ON7AMI-6 ON8NT 04/15 13:04:57z Send another hello JEF uw via staat niet via de sateliet.
ON7AMI-6 ON8NT 04/15 13:00:45z Send another hello JEF - op Jean - JO10ux - www.on7ami.be
ON7BRT ON7AMI-6 04/08 07:06:15z Reply GOEDE MORGEN {13
ON7BRT ON7AMI-6 04/08 07:05:43z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{12
ON7AMI-6 NWS 03/29 21:21:22z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0