ON4BN messages

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MW3YDR-7 ON4BN 05/27 10:45:02z Reply darren chepstow hi{03
ON4BN RS0ISS 05/21 20:20:58z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS - op:Jurgen
EA1CIU-6 ON4BN 05/15 08:32:19z Reply Saludos de Tomas{33
DO1AM ON4BN 04/26 10:04:34z Reply QSL und 73 via ISS
DO1AM ON4BN 04/20 07:20:34z Reply S 9 in Halle via ISS
ON4BN RS0ISS 04/16 08:51:09z Send another Hello All. frm Belgium op:Jurgen
ON4BN PE1NTN 04/08 16:46:01z Send another Hi Wormer via sat
CT1EJC ON4BN 04/08 11:59:13z Reply hello{2A}
ON4BN ON7KEI 04/06 13:30:47z Send another Hi to ON7KEI via sat
EA4SG-4 ON4BN 04/06 11:53:25z Reply CQ de EA4SG IN80CP
DL3RCE ON4BN 04/06 11:53:17z Reply 73{42
DL3RCE ON4BN 04/06 11:53:05z Reply 73{41
ON4BN IK5JRZ 04/06 11:51:46z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
IK5JRZ ON4BN 04/06 11:51:21z Reply will be all fine!
ON4BN ON4VP 04/01 17:23:55z Send another Hi to you in Laakdal via sat
ON4BN ON7KEI 03/31 19:44:04z Send another Hi to you via sat
ON4BN SAT 03/23 20:55:27z Send another 73s de ON4BN/Jurgen JO21QB