OE5RPP messages

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OE5RPP BLN 05/26 19:38:05z Send another 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter
ES2AEE-7 OE5RPP 05/26 18:03:12z Reply 73!{13}
ON3URT OE5RPP 05/19 20:21:27z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS de ON3URT
OE5RPP OE4EIE 05/16 16:59:23z Send another No stations have been heard except via a digipeater.
OE4EIE OE5RPP 05/16 16:59:21z Reply ?DX
DO1AM OE5RPP 04/28 07:25:48z Reply S 9 in Halle
UR4QX OE5RPP 04/15 11:17:55z Reply de UR4QX
OE5RPP BLN 03/23 16:09:54z Send another 73 from Austria via SAT de Peter
DO1AM OE5RPP 03/22 18:53:32z Reply 5 und 9 in Halle
OE5RPP BLN 03/22 13:52:16z Send another 73