OE2CPL-8 messages

fromtotime message
WLNK-1 OE2CPL-8 07/05 19:01:01z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{551
VE7GDH OE2CPL-8 06/16 15:44:37z Reply I saw you on APRS at Montague. Sent you a packet message. 73 Keith{67
WLNK-1 OE2CPL-8 06/16 15:33:40z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{246
OE2CPL-7 OE2CPL-8 06/15 18:55:24z Reply ++73++
EMAIL-2 OE2CPL-8 06/14 20:55:25z Reply Email sent to azoren10@gmail.com{505
OE2CPL-8 EMAIL-2 06/14 20:55:25z Send another azoren10@gmail.com{6
EMAIL-2 OE2CPL-8 06/14 20:47:46z Reply No email address found!{504
OE2CPL-8 EMAIL-2 06/14 20:47:46z Send another 73{5
UA9AQL-5 OE2CPL-8 05/18 13:03:16z Reply hello! 74 de Sergeu Miass{2