N9PBJ messages

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N9PBJ-7 N9PBJ 08/21 05:42:03z Reply worked{8
N9PBJ N9PBJ-7 08/21 05:40:14z Send another Testing igate{OY}
N9PBJ KC5RY-9 08/17 19:57:01z Send another Attempting via IS{01
N9PBJ KC5RY-9 08/17 19:52:51z Send another Testing if your radio is on{00
N9PBJ-3 N9PBJ 08/16 05:06:21z Reply Testing{OQ}
N9PBJ WX5II-10 08/16 02:37:45z Send another ?APRSD
N5LTC-9 N9PBJ 08/12 21:59:16z Reply No reason. Just default.{01
N9PBJ N5LTC-9 08/12 21:33:57z Send another Just curious, why the special status on Mic-E?{LR}
N9PBJ N5LTC-9 08/12 21:28:42z Send another Just curious, why the special status on MICE?{LQ}
N9PBJ-7 N9PBJ 08/10 17:47:47z Reply ok{4
N9PBJ N9PBJ-7 08/10 17:46:36z Send another d72 messaging test{DO}
N9PBJ K4KDR-6 08/09 23:54:17z Send another package?{EH}
N9PBJ K4KDR-6 08/09 23:46:54z Send another Do you manually notify of iss heards, or are you using a software+{EG}
N9PBJ KC5RY-N 08/09 22:34:04z Send another Does your pistar support receiving a message?{AQ}
XE3ARV N9PBJ 08/09 02:13:48z Reply 7s{17