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N4YOT N8DEU-7 02/03 00:11:51z Send another Yo, Ho !{11
N8DEU-7 N4YOT 02/03 00:08:55z Reply yo{24
N8DEU-7 N4YOT 02/02 23:52:25z Reply
N4YOT N8DEU-7 02/02 23:52:18z Send another Hi Tim ! :-){10
N4YOT KI4IHZ-7 01/15 02:23:58z Send another Hi Gary ! TEST MSG{20
KI4IHZ-7 N4YOT 01/15 02:17:18z Reply APU25N,TCPIP,KD4EXS*
KI4IHZ-7 N4YOT 01/15 02:17:11z Reply APU25N,K4TQR-1*
N4YOT AK4B 01/15 01:57:52z Send another Hi Bert ! :-){19
N4YOT N8DEU-7 01/13 22:55:20z Send another Hi Tim ! :-){17
N4YOT AB4WL 01/06 23:29:37z Send another Hi Ken !{16
N4YOT W4HBO-5 01/06 17:18:44z Send another Hadn't seen you on in a whie..... Missed U :-){15
W4HBO-5 N4YOT 01/06 17:01:16z Reply lol ok{0e}14
N4YOT W4HBO-5 01/06 16:54:35z Send another Tim Said to tell you "HI" :-){14
N4YOT N8DEU-7 01/06 03:23:38z Send another Hi Tim ! :-){13
N4YOT N8DEU-7 01/05 04:13:14z Send another Hi Tim ! :-){12
N4YOT AB4WL-9 01/05 03:23:54z Send another U R though... :-){11
N4YOT AB4WL-9 01/05 03:20:29z Send another I C. Great ! I am not getting confirms that U R getting my
N4YOT AB4WL-9 01/05 03:17:04z Send another Gone Mobile, I see :-){09
AB4WL N4YOT 01/05 03:15:31z Reply much better{49
AB4WL N4YOT 01/05 03:15:11z Reply Hopefully after replacing the feedline this wkend it will work{48
N4YOT AB4WL-9 01/05 03:13:39z Send another Gone Mobile, HUH ? :-){08
AB4WL N4YOT 01/05 03:13:02z Reply Yes We enjoyed a good German meal{47
N4YOT AB4WL-9 01/05 03:07:11z Send another Gone Mobile, I see. :-){07
N4YOT AB4WL 01/03 23:42:30z Send another Packet Very active the last few days{06
N4YOT AB4WL 01/03 23:39:07z Send another Very little about 2018 FD,{05
N4YOT AB4WL 01/03 23:36:48z Send another Yeah....PIC of Tim and me on page 18. :-){04
AB4WL N4YOT 01/03 22:52:02z Reply Mon Tue worked stations LA MO KY & copied all in between{46
AB4WL N4YOT 01/03 22:48:08z Reply Ur pic is in AMSAT Journal{45
AB4WL N4YOT 01/03 22:13:18z Reply Band was open Mon & Tue night Not many stations last night{44
N4YOT N4AU 01/03 16:33:18z Send another Hi Bobby ! :-){03
N4YOT AK4B 01/03 16:26:49z Send another Hi Bert ! :-){02
AB4WL N4YOT 01/02 17:08:00z Reply GM Ur pic is in AMSAT Journal{37
AB4WL N4YOT 01/02 01:23:08z Reply Your pic is in AMSAT Journal{34
N4YOT AB4WL 01/01 16:55:35z Send another GM, Ken. SRU, was away from rig. :-) {01
AB4WL N4YOT 01/01 16:40:26z Reply GM{33
AB4WL N4YOT 01/01 16:38:51z Reply GM{32
AB4WL N4YOT 01/01 11:58:24z Reply GM{31
AB4WL N4YOT 01/01 11:54:58z Reply GM{30
AB4WL N4YOT 01/01 07:05:05z Reply Band opening{29
AB4WL N4YOT 01/01 07:01:41z Reply Band opening{28
N4YOT AB4WL 12/31 21:30:45z Send another Thanks, Ken. Just poking around :-){00
AB4WL N4YOT 12/31 20:54:10z Reply Noticed a few msgs u sent They r going out {27
N4YOT W4AP-2 12/31 18:51:47z Send another Test{99
N4YOT W4AP-2 12/31 18:48:21z Send another Test{98
N4XWC N4YOT 12/31 18:44:28z Reply Path - N4YOT>APU25N,K4TQR-1*
N4YOT KD4EXS-8 12/31 18:13:51z Send another Hi John ! :-){97
N4YOT AK4B 12/31 18:10:53z Send another Hi Bert ! DE Pete :-){96
N4YOT KK4DPN 12/31 17:26:35z Send another HI ! :-){95
N4YOT KK4DPM 12/31 17:23:50z Send another HI ! :-){94
N4YOT KD4EXS-9 12/30 23:10:42z Send another John, am working on that old Marconi 2955{93
N4YOT KD4EXS-9 12/30 23:06:49z Send another John, Looked at info U sent me and contacted a guy in CA{92
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:34:38z Send another UI-View32 V2.03
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:17:58z Send another There is HV in there. CRT is the old TV tube style.{91
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:15:26z Reply We plan to attend joint HARC/NADX meeting next Fri{25
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:13:44z Reply Is it high voltage?{24
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:13:13z Send another Just got guts to get into that Marconu 2955 equip.{90
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:12:51z Reply Next Sat http://freezefest.w4blt.org/{23
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:12:14z Send another I think so, too. {89
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:11:09z Reply I assume he is still active on birds {22
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:09:52z Send another I never met him either but he has a neat web page.{88
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:09:13z Reply I don't think I have met him {21
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:06:03z Send another KJ4TDM{87
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:05:12z Reply Call sign?{20
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 22:01:45z Reply Call sign?{19
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 22:01:15z Send another Ken, Do you know Brian ?{86
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 19:18:37z Send another HI Ken. Just set some stuff up to autoload TNC{85
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 16:00:32z Send another Before. :-){84
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:59:52z Send another did.{83
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 15:59:17z Reply B4?{18
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:59:10z Send another I see that you are getting my MSGS B-4 I get confirmation tha
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:54:48z Send another NOPE ! There is the Beacon !!! I see it now.{81
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:52:03z Send another Did U enter UR coordinates in UI-View ? Maybe Beacon issue.{
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 15:50:03z Reply Y {17
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:43:10z Send another I C. I'll look for it. I don't think I ever saw it.{79
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 15:42:08z Reply Beacon 30 mins{16
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 15:41:48z Reply 1 Direct & 1 via digi{15
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:40:59z Send another Ken, Do you beacon ? I don't see UR call on 144.390{78
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:39:48z Send another ONLY 1 RETRY.... Better !{77
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:38:12z Send another TEST AGN...Retry count GM Ken !{76
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 15:38:11z Reply GM R{14
AB4WL N4YOT 12/30 15:37:49z Reply GM R{13
N4YOT AB4WL 12/30 15:31:17z Send another Hey, Ken. Made a change here - TEST{75
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 02:11:52z Reply Some fuses today are not easy to access{12
N4YOT AB4WL 12/29 02:07:45z Send another OK.{74
N4YOT AB4WL 12/29 02:05:02z Send another Been working on it. I think it's in the power supply. Fus
N4YOT AB4WL 12/29 02:04:16z Send another Stand alone. I built it about 50 years ago - a Heathkit !{72
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 01:09:48z Reply Did u see the telemetry KK5CM-1 sent?{11
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 01:09:00z Reply Oscilloscope?{09
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 01:05:34z Reply Oscilloscope?{08
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 01:03:12z Reply Is it a stand alone or a PC scope? {07
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 01:00:29z Reply to KK4BSK-10{06
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 00:57:44z Reply K4SCC-10 on .050 didn't respond about 20 mins ago Connected direct{05
N4YOT AB4WL 12/29 00:57:13z Send another My scope failed. Getting it to work - another project !{71
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 00:50:18z Reply I recall cal one many yrs ago{04
N4YOT AB4WL 12/29 00:48:07z Send another Sounds great ! I think I need to calibrate my TNC.{70
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 00:45:52z Reply Coppied about 40 stations today {03
AB4WL N4YOT 12/29 00:45:05z Reply Some Copied about 40aHad it on Sat freq earlier but missed passes {02
N4YOT AB4WL 12/29 00:43:48z Send another having fun ? :-){69
AB4WL N4YOT 12/28 14:24:57z Reply Check out W5NRU on QRZ Interesting{99
N4YOT AB4WL 12/28 14:20:04z Send another 19 right now.{68