N2UFM-1 messages

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N2UFM-1 UA9AQL-5 05/20 03:28:34z Send another Hello from New York City{OC}
UA9AQL-5 N2UFM-1 05/20 03:17:01z Reply Hello! 73de Sergey Miass{1
N2UFM-10 N2UFM-1 05/12 17:42:50z Reply test{2
N2UFM-10 N2UFM-1 05/12 17:42:49z Reply sam this is a test from my droid{1
XE3N-1 N2UFM-1 05/07 18:15:50z Reply QSL via PSAT 73{46
N2UFM-1 XE3N-1 05/07 18:14:35z Send another Hello from NY....de N2UFM{HT}
N2UFL-1 N2UFM-1 05/06 01:57:13z Reply hELLO{BV}ZU
N2UFM-1 N2UFL-1 05/06 01:57:02z Send another Hello via PSAT{ZU}BU
N2UFL-1 N2UFM-1 05/06 01:56:57z Reply HELLO{BU}ZT
N2UFM-1 N2UFL-1 05/06 01:56:12z Send another Hello via PSAT{ZT}
N2UFM-1 N1RCN 05/03 18:05:58z Send another Nice to sse you also{GB}
N2UFM-1 W2THC 05/03 18:05:51z Send another sent out a message too all?{GA}
N2UFM-1 W2THC 05/03 18:05:46z Send another Hello from N2UFM.Did you address this message to the ISS or just+{FZ}
N1RCN N2UFM-1 05/03 18:03:29z Reply hello! nice to see you! 73
N2UFM-1 N2UFL-1 05/03 18:02:53z Send another Hi buddy via ISS
PSAT N2UFM-1 05/02 20:56:55z Reply Please Beacon Position{HD}
N2UFM-1 PSAT 05/02 20:56:55z Send another Hello de N2UFM via PSAT
N4UED-10 N2UFM-1 05/02 15:46:56z Reply Thanks{PN}LL
N4UED-10 N2UFM-1 05/02 15:46:42z Reply AA:Hi I may not be near my PC . I will see it later . 73
N2UFM-1 N4UED-10 05/02 15:43:56z Send another GOT IT{LL}PM
N4UED-10 N2UFM-1 05/02 15:41:33z Reply Let me know if you get this .{PM}
ISS N2UFM-1 05/02 15:39:53z Reply Please Beacon Position{HA}
N2UFM-1 ISS 05/02 15:39:53z Send another Hello de N2UFM via ISS{LK}
N2UFM-1 ALL 05/02 15:38:40z Send another Hello de N2UFM vis ISS
ISS N2UFM-1 05/01 16:33:32z Reply NNE^31 NNE^31 ESE LOS 5m12s{GU}XZ
N2UFM-1 ISS 05/01 16:33:31z Send another Hello de N2UFM via ISS{XZ}GT
ISS N2UFM-1 05/01 16:32:52z Reply N^27 NNE^31 ESE LOS 5m53s{GT}XY
N2UFM-1 ISS 05/01 16:32:51z Send another Hello de N2UFM via ISS{XY}
N2UFM-1 N2UFL 04/30 19:04:11z Send another Hello vis ISS
N2UFM-1 VA3NNA 04/30 17:34:23z Send another QSL.....Did you copy me through the ISS or stright simplex?{EU}
VA3NNA N2UFM-1 04/30 17:25:03z Reply UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
KN4CRD-7 N2UFM-1 04/26 20:53:13z Reply KN4CRD-7 EM73 using TH-D72a QSL?{10
N2UFM-1 AO-51 04/22 03:05:32z Send another AO-51{QH}
N2UFM-1 AO51 04/22 03:00:42z Send another AO51{QG}
N2UFM-1 SAT-26931 04/22 02:57:29z Send another NO-44{QF}
ISS N2UFM-1 04/22 02:51:58z Reply Please Beacon Position{BL}
N2UFM-1 ISS 04/22 02:51:58z Send another ISS{QE}